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Moreau Lake State Park Crooked Canes 35th Anniversary Reunion/Picnic ~ Sep 13, 2019

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The gathering of the Crooked Canes was not to be deterred by the roller coaster weather and forecasting of the week or by myths of Friday the 13th. Despite assurances that the Thursday plan would hold up, late Wednesday altered predictions of chilly, windy rain by area meteorologists caused last-minute postponement to Friday. Ever the flexible group, over 50 total attendees gathered on a stellar, sunny and crisp day at the Fernwood Pavilion. Tenure in the group covered the full spread from 35 years to a couple of newcomers. Old friends and new, their conversation was lively and the happy faces were everywhere. Joining us from days of past adventures were Doris (with us courtesy of daughter, Judy), George and Ann (accompanied by 2nd generation CC, Lynn), Dorothy, sporting her 46er shirt, Anita and Dale.

Our website includes an interesting account of the early history of the Crooked Canes and their adventures “OFF THE BEATEN PATH.” “They enjoy each others companionship and feel at ease and happy together on the trail.” That sums us up so well!

Peter and Linda, along with Margie arrived with 3 loaded vehicles, fully setting the stage for a cookout, Peter’s Crooked Canes archive library and video presentation and everything to make the meal tables welcoming and complete. Hot beverage service, paper goods and all manner of serving ware, a refuse and recycle system, and yes, 2 authentic, original handcarved crooked canes.

Most plans for group leaders were foiled by the schedule change, but pre-lunch outings progressed anyway.

Suggestion of an early hike gave way to the desire to visit a bit as the time advanced. Tom and Don arrived to gather 15 eager hikers for their “A-team” version, a three mile walk-about on the Nature Trail along the western shore of Moreau Lake, around Mud Pond and back to the Nature Trail along the eastern shore of Moreau Lake, crossing the causeway and returning to the pavilion in time for lunch.

Kurt met paddlers at the launch to embark on their exploration of the lake. The group included Doris Ludewig, who was not to be disappointed, enjoying the company of the season’s resident loon.   

A couple of hearty ezRiders, Joan and Fred, embarked on their 10-mile route; Fred only three weeks out from hip surgery! Later Ken and John biked in from Glens Falls to join the fun.

More and more arrivals brought a steady stream of yummy contributions for the serving table. What wonderful cooks brought a sumptuous variety of tastes to sample and revisit. Fresh fruit and garden veggies, salads of many varieties, chili, pizza, quiche, deviled eggs…, and what an array of baked goods!! All of this to accompany the savory hot dogs tended by Peter, Jayne and Phyllis.

Conversation was lively to catch up on news of families, travel, projects, as well as sharing tales of past Canes’ adventures. The highlight for this writer was Doris’ quick answer when asked for her most memorable outing. Doris was our most senior member of this day. She told of a Hudson River paddle led by Tom Gibbs years ago. On arrival, he informed the group that the waters that day would present some Class 2 rapids and asked whether some preferred to leave. Doris, though quite hesitant, observed no raised hands, SO, off she went with the paddlers. She happily reported that only one capsized and it was not her, ending up quite proud of conquering the challenge. Not one to ever want for activity, this picnic day she dined early with us in order to meet her scheduled participation in the afternoon golf tournament.

The newly appointed Moreau Lake State Park manager, Floyd Hamlin, stopped by to greet the group, and hear a bit of our many years of enjoyment of the park. Later in the day Rebecca, the Park’s educator, stopped by to visit and have a bite to eat.

Thoughts of gratitude were especially with all of those who volunteered their dedicated leadership efforts over the 35 years to keep the group organized, planned, scheduled, informed and recorded. A reunion is also not complete without recognizing those unable to be present due to varying challenges- you were missed and we all wish you well. For others, alternate opportunities prevented attendance and we look forward to seeing you outdoors again soon.

Others are invited to add comments about their experience and photos to share.


9/18/19 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

16 photos

In the warming morning sun, Tom clarifies the real story with Donna and Dana.

15 hearty hikers ready to hit the trails as lunch prep is underway in the background.

Peter sets up his wonderful photo presentation of past adventures of the Canes as Diane and Kurt catch up on news with Bob.

George, still with a healthy outdoorsman appetite, tells of adventures with Ann and the Canes.

Doris enjoying some early morning paddling on Moreau Lake with her daughter Judy – photos by Judy - added by Wanderer

Doris and Anita catching up– Doris had a busy schedule today – first the paddle, then some visiting with her friends and a little lunch and finally off to a golf tournament! - added by Wanderer

Dale and Anita – we haven’t seen much of either in quite a while and hope that they will be able to join us on future outings. - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the pavilion – difficult to get everyone in the photo so there will be a couple more lunch pics - added by Wanderer

Ray listening to Tom as he warns Rebecca and Mary about the guy taking the picture – Rebecca looks concerned for sure! - added by Wanderer

Margie and Chef Jayne apparently have everything under control …. - added by Wanderer

…. or do they? I may have spoken too soon – don’t cry Jayne. Ray Holtz patiently waiting for his hot dog. - added by Wanderer

I promised a couple of more lunch shots …. - added by Wanderer

…. the last lunch pic, I promise! - added by Wanderer

Jayne multi-tasking – eating and serving Don another hot dog. Thank you so much for tending the grill Jayne and Phyllis giving you a break later on. - added by Wanderer

Eric enjoying listening to the words of wisdom from long-time Canes Ann Yager while George, her husband, looks like he has heard it all before - added by Wanderer

A mini group pic – George and Tom (standing); Lynn, Ann and Don - added by Wanderer

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