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Fish Creek Paddle ~ Aug 16, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

The Canes' trip from Victory to Grangerville on Fish Creek was a huge delight for sixteen paddlers. Launching the kayaks down the dirt bank was a little tricky, but Jack and Peter Wood got all safely settled into their vessel. Birds, turtles, flowers and the Rod and Gun Club added interest, getting around blowdowns challenged our skills, and the current gave exercise. Lunch at Shidach’s (?) point featured benches, shade and conversation and a swim for Marianne and Jack. Lenore waited for a sandy bottom swim and was rewarded around the bend. Most pushed on to the Rt 29 bridge in Grangerville and then let the current take them back. Tom and Irv especially enjoyed that. A brief sprinkle added coolness to the return. Take out was muddy and slippery, but Jack, Don P., Joellen, and others teamed up to get all safely up the bank. Everyone was helpful and patient during unloading and loading, so that went very smoothly. We were pleased to note that Kathy and Don have new kayaks and will be joining us again. Lenore and Jack Reber

8/18/12 - Kathy Taylor added 14 photos.

14 photos

Valet launch site - Jack, Lenore, Pete and Tom - by Kathy

Lenore calls "final boarding" as Jack helps Pete on his way. - by Kathy

How exactly does this work???? Jack may have been overworked and overheated after launching 15 paddlers. - by Kathy

Lenore announces, 'Let's roll" at the launch site - by Kathy

Tom waits on the sideline to insure all paddlers are headed in the right direction. - by Kathy

Colorful cascade of kayaks and canoes stopping for the lunch break. - by Kathy

A chair that was discovered and "unearthed" at the lunch spot. Rose decides to give it a try. - by Kathy

Along with the chair, two benches were waiting to be used. Don decides to do the safety test and we enjoyed the park like setting without any tumbles. - by Kathy

Doris says, "this looks a lot safer" and nests comfortably in the nook of a tree. A perfect place for her to entertain us all sharing a little humor of times past with BURMA SHAVE road sign slogans. - by Kathy

A bird's eye view. Jack climbs the bank and waits on the bridge to catch the group coming up stream - by Kathy

Paddlers coming around the bend. - by Kathy

Jack took this picture of Kathy and Don for this year's xmas card. - by Kathy

Pete and Donna enjoying the lunch stop. - by Kathy

Viewing 40 of 70 - 2012


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