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Moxham Does Not Disappoint ~ Jun 27, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

In spite of an amateur Nostradamus in every weather nook and cranny all week long bellowing doom, gloom and flood, Thursday was a magnificent day for a Crooked Canes return to Moxham Mountain. Generally not intolerably hot, humid or buggy, the mostly sunny day was punctuated by one brief shower on the way back down and everyone secretly wished it was a little stronger and longer as it did feel pretty good. Anticipating a very hazy day, we were rewarded with relatively clear views of mountains both near and far. Not only was the weather just fine, we were treated to seeing three of our fellow members hiking once again after a period of absence. Sam, Peter and Ray, it sure was nice to have you back on the trail! Moxham, as most places do, has a bit of history. See the Moxham hike journal entry for December 13, 2012 as it is rather interesting. On this hike, as on most, there was news to catch up on and very erudite and interesting topics of discussion. A hike-long traveling discussion of the virtues, vagaries, variations and efficient techniques for operating microwave ovens stirred much interest and animated discussion among all and will surely be elaborated upon during future outings!

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A number of pretty fungi were found enjoying this year's damp weather.

The first taste of views to come.

You see, significant efficiency is gained by pushing 1 twice, rather than 1 and 0..........

Welcome back Mr. Bouchard.

Peter and Sam - added by Kurt

A bear recently chewed on this tree. It is chewed up all the way around about five feet above the ground. Note the tooth marks. - added by Kurt

All seventeen of the Canes who ventured forth braving flood, torrent and lightning - not! - added by Kurt

Peter on the edge - added by RayH

Great Start! - added by Wanderer

Stream Crossing - added by Wanderer

Trailside Erratic (yes it was that green) - added by Wanderer

First Glimpse of Moxham Mt. - added by Wanderer

Main group at Lunch - That's quite the roastbeef sandwich you have there Dana! - added by Wanderer

Lunch by Invitation Only - L-R - Sam, Linda, Ray, Karen - added by Wanderer

View Looking SW - added by Wanderer

Two Peters, three Rays, Sam, Diane, Lynn, Rose, Katie, Donna, Linda, Karen, Dana, Dennis, Don & yours truly had a great day. Thank you all for coming!

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