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Friends Lake Paddle/Picnic or "Honey, I forgot the keys!" ~ Sep 11, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer for Tom

What a difference a day makes. The decision to change the outing to Friday was made early in the week which caused much second guessing regarding the decision, as the forecast changed several times in the days prior to Friday. However, it rained on Thursday and was much cooler so the move to Friday was a good one - especially since the weather on Friday was near perfect with plenty of sun and a temp of about 80. We have never had a success in counting the number of attendees at this event, but there had to be in the neighborhood of thirty - so we will go with that. This event attracts paddlers and some picnickers only with Eric leading the way on a tour of the lake for those that wanted to enjoy the water. Eric and Suzanne have officially moved to Florida but returned to co-host the paddle/picnic with Tom and Maryanne - great job and thank you guys. Peter Wood was on a road trip with Donna and not able to supervise the cooking of the hot dogs but managed to drop off firewood and kindling - what a guy! Food was plenty and all tasty. Some of the Canes that we only get to see on these special events were not able to attend and we missed them - Eleanor and Irv, Edythe and Chuck, Doris and Fred, Trudy, Will, Pat and Art - we all say hi! We did however have a birthday to celebrate - Happy Birthday Jean and thank you Jan for bringing the cake!  "And now for the rest of the story" as they say. The wonderful thing about this event is that people are free to come and go when they want and it is normally an early day. As we were doing the final clean-up and after most everyone had departed, Tom asked if anyone would like to go for a boat ride on his recently acquired pontoon boat. What a perfect way to celebrate Jean's birthday and view the lake without any effort - he had his crew in a few minutes. New to a motorized boat Tom is very careful to make sure there is adequate water before he starts the motor. However, because of the long dry spell the water level in the bay was rather low and it is necessary to push and paddle the boat out some distance before there is adequate water depth. Kurt volunteered to push the boat from the water while I was asked to paddle - have any of you ever tried to paddle a pontoon boat? Reaching good water depth, Kurt jumps back into the boat and I stopped paddling but there was no purring of the motor as Tom exclaimed "I forgot the keys!" So ... Kurt is back in the water and I begin paddling back to the dock and Eric throws us the keys. Back to pushing and paddling once again and success - we had power! During our leisurely ride around the lake Tom pointed out some of the landmarks and we saw turtles sunning themselves, cormorants, ducks and an eagle in flight - a great treat. Tom's final words as we safely arrived back at the dock was "At least I didn't get you lost". Just another adventure and fond memories - until next year! Peter 9/22/15 - Wanderer . added 17 photos.

17 photos

Paddlers arriving for lunch - added by Wanderer

Taste tester Eric with Maryanne supervising the cooking operation - added by Wanderer

Foodfest! - added by Wanderer

Jean - Birthday Girl - added by Wanderer

Can't have a birthday without a cake - added by Wanderer

Linda P, Joanne, Lynn, Margie - added by Wanderer

Maryanne, Tom, Anita, George - added by Wanderer

Tom - modeling his new Saratoga hat - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Jean - added by Wanderer

Jan and Judy - added by Wanderer

Special guests - they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary at the Friends Lake Inn, happened to be paddling at the adjacent launch and Tom invited them to join us - Happy Anniversary Brenda and Greg! - added by Wanderer

Tom and senor Don - added by Wanderer

Suzanne and Eric wishing us a nice boat ride - actually I think Suzanne was asking Tom if he had remembered to bring the keys - added by Wanderer

Captain Tom - finally underway - added by Wanderer

Joanne our tour guide - here she is singing her rendition of Santa Lucia! - added by Wanderer

Looking west from Friend's Lake - Hoffman Mt (C) and Macomb (R) in the distance - added by Wanderer

Quick pic of the eagle - added by Wanderer

I laughed and laughed at the story of the lost keys. Sorry I couldn't make the picnic due to the change, but I was there in spirit especially after reading about the adventure.

I will try to make some of the events this season.

Be safe and be happy!

Rose Schmidt

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