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White Rocks And Clarendon Gorge ~ Aug 10, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

The first Canes outing to White Rocks in Wallingford, VT was almost exactly a year ago. It was hot that day in the Green Mountain National Forest. About 92 degrees hot. But with low humidity, good canopy cover and a swim at the end, it was not too bad a day. This year, it was 20 degrees cooler but with higher humidity, it felt hotter than last year. The day was once again sunny with a very light breeze and this time, ignoring Kurt Donner's advice from last year to "leave your lunch in the car, we'll be back in PLENTY of time to eat before we go to the Ice Beds" everyone's packs were a little heavier this year, hearts lighter and not a growling stomach to be heard all day.

As we started up the trail, it was evident that heavy rain had fallen the day before. Early morning fog left the forest very moist and rocks slippery as we made our way up the first third of the trail but the going after that, where sunlight had a pleasing effect, Mr. Slippery (not a reference to Peter!) wasn't seen again all day. Anticipation built among those who were on last year's outing to see new attractions in "Legoland - Wallingford" a half acre of ever changing cairns near the summit. One of us, on his first trip to White Rocks, was so excited about it he became part of a cairn as you'll see below.

Soon after our Legoland adventure, amid the spruces at the top of the cliffs, we had great views of the valley below us that separates the Green Mountains we were on from the Taconics just a short distance to our west and we could see high points of the Adirondacks on the horizon. All this, with a light breeze and very few "small airborne biting nuisances" made for a mighty nice setting for lunch and we took our time to enjoy it.

Sweating a little and a bit tired from the humidity on the way down, thoughts of continuing on to the ice beds were replaced by eager anticipation of a swim in the deep yellow / green pools of the Upper Clarendon Gorge. Off we went, stopping in the parking lot, an AT/LT trail access point, only long enough to feed a few through - hiking bears before a long swimming session, once again joined by the Latvian Swim Team and a couple of champion cliff divers who are pictured below.

An image of where we actually were on the top of the cliffs and photos of the summit taken from a lower overlook are available in last year's Journal entry. Click HERE to check it out.

Thanks to Linda & Peter, Barb & Bob, Glenn (WELCOME to the Canes, Glenn), Fran, Lori, Diane & Kurt, Scott, Cathy and Jo Ellen for making this second outing at White Rocks as good as the first!

8/18/17 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

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This outing is so nice that the local rocks give it a "thumbs up."

Peter in Legoland.

Bob settles in near the summit disguised as a Legoland cairn.

So, okay, one of my secrets is out of the bag. These folding carbon hiking poles double as a 60' long selfie stick. Very handy at times.

You can say you saw it here first: Peter meets the Branson, MO author of a soon-to-be published book for senior hikers titled "Smiles Not Miles."

A rock formation between the upper and lower pools at Clarendon Gorge.

Photo by Diane

Fresh in from the World Cliff Diving Championships on July 27 at Polignano, Italy, Barb and Bob survey possibilities for their first leap in Vermont.

Ouch! On such a spectacular summer day, an in-your-face RUDE reminder that winter's coming.

You gotta start somewhere! - added by Wanderer

Exploring Cairn City - added by Wanderer

Kurt, Cathy and Fran - added by Wanderer

View SW along the ridge from our lunch perch - added by Wanderer

Scott, Bob and Barbara at the overlook - added by Wanderer

Lori on the edge - added by Wanderer

Diane - with a wonderful view of the valley - added by Wanderer

Some of the rest of the group on top - added by Wanderer

"Peace Cairn" - added by Wanderer

Post-hike rest - Kurt visiting with a seasonal ranger - added by Wanderer

Looking downstream from the suspension foot-bridge above the swimming holes - added by Wanderer

Bob and Barbara enjoying a natural whirlpool - added by Wanderer

A picture of the very rare Clarendon Gorge Humanoid – a creature known as a shape-shifter that is able to take on the form of a human. This one, not yet named, is a flesh eater and has been known to grab unsuspecting swimmers in the deep pools of the gorge and then taking them to its underwater lair for a meal. Here it has taken on the form of our very own Scott who was swimming upstream at the time ….. - added by Wanderer

…. Cathy was not aware just how close she was to becoming its next victim! - added by Wanderer

Getting in the last swim - added by Wanderer

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