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Lens Lake Paddle ~ Aug 9, 2012

Journal entry by Peter for Tom

Hi Fellow Caners,

Despite the threat of rain and thunderstorms for the afternoon and the last minute change in the venue, thirteen adventurers showed up at the Lake Luzerne beach parking lot for a paddle of Lens Lake, a little known body of water just six miles west of Stony Creek. This was the first visit to the lake by the Crooked Canes as a scheduled outing and surprised many with its remoteness. I don’t know if everyone believed me when I assured them that we were still in NYS – it felt like true wilderness. I had suggested that we add it to the outing list a few years back but we never seemed to find the time for it. Lens Lake turned out to be the perfect substitute for Tom’s originally scheduled outing to the Schroon River inlet – it was closer than Schroon Lake and we could paddle for whatever time we wanted and could get back to our cars quickly if it started to rain. As it turned out we had cloudy skies at first but sunny later and more importantly – bugless! Its irregular shoreline with its many coves and inlets as well as the numerous island bogs provided all of us with ample opportunities to explore. Irv apparently enjoyed paddling this little lake as he led the “faster” group, while a second group lingered, exploring the inlets and coves and getting close-ups of the wildflowers on the bog islands. I never seem to remember the names of all the beautiful plants despite being told over and over by Doris, Fran and Ray but I appreciate their beauty as much as anyone. I was most impressed with the abundance of Pitcher Plants – perhaps I will remember its name and impress Linda when I take her there for a visit. Oops – that won’t work - she reads these trip reports.

During the circuit of the shoreline we saw an Eagle fledgling, a Great Blue Heron and three unidentified ducks. Jim I. was directed to locate the slower group and bring us back for lunch – he is difficult to miss on the water with the American Flag hung proudly from the mast of his Hobie Cat. He was persistent and it wasn’t long before everyone was back for a lengthy lunch and visiting. Most of the group departed directly for their homes but not everyone. Ray and Carolyn went off to explore Harrisburg Lake for a possible future outing while Irv, Tom, Jim and I stopped for ice cream on the deck of UpRiver Café (formerly known as Papa’s) in Lake Luzerne – a perfect way to close the day. Thanks to Irv, Tom, Jim I., Fran, Thora, Charlie, Rose, Lynn, Ray and Carolyn, Doris and Kathy for sharing a most memorable paddle.


8/10/12 - Kathy Taylor added 9 photos.

8/11/12 - Ray Bouchard added 8 photos.

8/11/12 - Ray Bouchard added 10 photos.

45 photos

Looking SW From Launch

Slow Paddling

Pickerel Weed

White Lily

Ecosystem in Miniature

Irv Waiting For the Rest of the Group






Kathy and Her New Kayak


Jungle Jim

Bullhead Lily - Thank you Ray for help in the ID

Shoreline Pic

Pitcher Plant

Lunch and a Story From Tom, sans Rose

Ready to launch - by Kathy

Irv - one of CC's founding fathers leading the pack - by Kathy

Is it a boat? Is it a plane?'s Jim I. with his unique Hobie cat - by Kathy

Doris - thanks for helping us identify the wildflowers - by Kathy

Full speed ahead - by Kathy

Tom wasn't taking any chances after hearing one of the group was a new kayaker. He gave fair warning - Keep back 200'. - by Kathy

Charlie and the latest in Kayak sailing! - by Kathy

Group lunch at Len's Lake - by Kathy

Peter and his "wanderer" leading the way - by Kathy

Closed Gentian Plant - by Ray

Closed Gentians were in abundance. - by Ray

A blossom from a type of "Arrowhead Plant". Note the 3 petals. Unfortunately I didn't pay close enough attention to the rest of the plant to determine which Arrowhead plant it was. It'll be my excuse to go back. - by Ray

The white globular blossoms of the "Common Pipewort". The surrounding leaves don't belong to this plant. - by Ray

Tall stalks of "Cotton Grass" were in abundance. - by Ray

Pitcher Plants growing in a bed of cushy Sphagnum Moss - by Ray

A Horned Bladderwort; one of many found in the floating bogs - by Ray

Pickerel Weed flower stalk - by Ray

Floating bogs were everywhere - by Ray

Its unusual shape reminded me of a giant Bonsai tree - by Ray

A sentinel tree - by Ray

Photo by Ray

Is it a "Walking Stick" or the remains of the jaws of a giant "Gator". Imagination gone wild. - by Ray

One of many lovely scenes along the way - by Ray

The "Blobs" were lurking below the surface of the water just waiting for us to dip our hands. And then.... - by Ray

I suspect the tune "High Hopes", sung by Bing Crosby years ago, applies to that poor little maple tree - by Ray

Reflections - by Ray

Let your imagination go wild. The skeletal remains of a "Giant Praying Mantis" perhaps? - by Ray

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