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Rich, Belden Harris Paddle ~ Jul 17, 2014

Journal entry by Joanne for Tom Gibbs

Lovely summer day for 11 people to set out on a full day paddle - 9 kayakers and Linda and Pete in their canoe. After spotting cars and a brief sign in at the Adirondack Interpretive Center the group set out on Rich Lake with generally overcast skies and a fairly steady breeze. Rich Lake is in the Huntington Forest owned by NYS ESF. Paddlers are allowed, but no motor boats and the forest itself is off limits to the public. Once in the first peninsula the wind disappeared and it was clear paddling, and more pristine shoreline. Just prior to the first foot bridge we portaged our boats along a short, smooth trail to little Belden Lake where we encountered some fun little rapids. This wasn't quite as fun for Lenore and then Jack in their longer 14' kayaks hanging them up in the rocks a bit. Just prior to entering Harris Lake we stopped at Camp Santanoni and spread out to eat lunch. After lunch 9 people wisely carried their boats to the Harris Lake put-in. Pete for some reason known only to him, decided to try to paddle a section of rock-strewn rapids in front of Santanoni in his canoe. Linda sensibly waited on the shore. Thus begins "The Tale of Peter Rapids"; first getting hung up on rocks, then swamping the boat. Ultimately a professor of Adventure Sports, with a German accent appeared with two students and they raced in to rescue Peter Rapids. Following the rapids drama we entered the larger Harris Lake, the skies were sunny and clear and for a bit of extra paddling we diverted up a very gentle section of the Hudson River for about a mile. Total distance was about 7 miles. We entered the water about 10:30 a.m. and take out was about 4:30 p.m. Great summer day with Eric, Jack and Lenore, Tom, Don, Cathy C, Cathy G, Fran, Joanne, Linda and Peter Rapids. 7/17/14 - Joanne Armstrong added 22 photos. 7/29/14 - Peter Rapids . added 14 photos.

35 photos

Setting out from the sandy shore on Rich Lake - added by Joanne

Our leader Tom - added by Joanne

Can you see the elephant? (shoreline on Rich) - added by Joanne

Heading towards first portage - added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

Photo added by Joanne

Cathy C in her new kayak - added by Joanne

Cathy G - added by Joanne

Lenore - added by Joanne

Don - added by Joanne

Jack and Eric - added by Joanne

Peter "on the rocks" - added by Joanne

One foot in, one foot out - added by Joanne

And so, the swamping begins - added by Joanne

A proud moment...he saved the paddle! - added by Joanne

Help has arrived! The professor of adventure sports and his two students arrive to save Peter Rapids - added by Joanne

Canoes are heavy when filled with water - added by Joanne

Free at last--with a little bit of help from our new friend - added by Joanne

OK honey it is safe now for me to get in. And so ends the Tale of Peter Rapids - added by Joanne

Harris Lake - starting out - added by Peter

Goodnow Mt and its fire tower from Harris Lake - added by Peter

Just chillin - added by Peter

Unique shoreline - added by Peter

Paddling Rich Lake - added by Peter

Watch your heads! - added by Peter

After a carry - added by Peter

Joanne - our leader - added by Peter

Tom directing traffic - sort of - added by Peter

Eric making it look easy - added by Peter

Lunch on the Veranda - added by Peter

Linda's favorite paddling position - added by Peter

Harris Lake after lunch - added by Peter

Just a pretty spot - added by Peter

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