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Cascade Pond Hike ~ Sep 3, 2015

Journal entry by Karen Burke

On a humid but otherwise perfect weather day, 15 Canes set out to explore the trail to Cascade Pond. This hike is located west of Indian Lake in the vicinity of Lake Durant. We chose to do this hike as a thru hike, with some cars spotted at Lake Durant Campground so we could start the hike at the trailhead off Durant Road, a few miles away. The trip was about 6 miles.

Beautiful forest and wildly colorful mushrooms enhanced our trip. Some uphill was encountered on the way in, but the lovely wide downhill trail, part of the NP, was our reward for the last leg of the hike.

Cascade Pond is a picturesque sight and proved very inviting for several swimmers. Lunch was enjoyed at the pond and we lingered at this beautiful spot.

A very worthwhile venture! Thanks to my 14 companions - Nancy, Peter, Linda, Peter, Donna, Peg, Kurt, Diane, Jack, Lenore, Sam, Kathy, Kathy and Barbara.

9/11/15 - Diane Wisell added 10 photos.

9/13/15 - Wanderer . added 29 photos.

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Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Photo by Karen

Yes, it was a Shroomy day! This shelf mushroom has made itself a handy red squirrel dining spot. - added by Diane

No idea what the name of these are, but they are attractive. - added by Diane

The "Towering Mushroom of Pizza" - added by Diane

This is Lion's Mane, one of the most sought after of wild mushrooms. The evening after our hike I read an article, with recipes, for these. If only I knew then what I know now.......... - added by Diane

The famous Duracel Copper Top Mushroom. About the right size to fit in a flashlight, but not the right voltage. - added by Diane

Pretty. And multiplying. - added by Diane

Peggy's advice to Peter: "If you stare at mushrooms long enough, you'll be walking like this in no time at all!" - added by Diane

Another one of Linda's calling cards, this one on the Cascade Lake leanto. - added by Diane

A spotted jewelweed blossom. Good for itchiness, it contains the active ingredient in Preparation H. And where you find some of it........... - added by Diane

.........there's apt to be a whole bunch more nearby. - added by Diane

Karen - leading the sweep team - added by Wanderer

Apparently, ground is optional? - added by Wanderer

Looking towards Lake Durant from foot bridge - added by Wanderer

Cathy and group crossing the foot bridge between Rock Pond and Lake Durant - added by Wanderer

Karen sleep walking - added by Wanderer

Mossy creek - added by Wanderer

Just another pretty trail - added by Wanderer

Now that's a burl (looks like an apple)! - added by Wanderer

Outlet to Cascade Pond - added by Wanderer

Relaxing after lunch - Barbara, Donna. Peter, Linda, Diane - added by Wanderer

Our leader - Karen - added by Wanderer

Sam - added by Wanderer

Reflection on Cascade Pond - added by Wanderer

Bay at the outlet of Cascade Pond - added by Wanderer

Cascade Pond - added by Wanderer

Linda crossing the outlet bridge - added by Wanderer

Peter - looking sharp - added by Wanderer

Nancy - thinking she is on a tightrope - added by Wanderer

Hi Donna! - added by Wanderer

Confident Cathy - added by Wanderer

Cathy skiing across - added by Wanderer

Barbara thinks this is funny - added by Wanderer

Peggy has done this before - added by Wanderer

Diane having fun - added by Wanderer

Kurt being Kurt - added by Wanderer

Cascade Pond from the lean-to - added by Wanderer

Hey - I had to include one mushroom picture - added by Wanderer

Rest time - added by Wanderer

What's up with all the trees on rocks? - added by Wanderer

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