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Gore Mountain Hike ~ Aug 2, 2012

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

During a week with thunder and lightning almost every day, we were very lucky to have had a picture perfect day on Thursday. The day was a little warm, but it won’t be long before we can’t wait for 85 degree days to return.

We began our hike at the summit of Gore’s Bear Mountain arriving there fresh and ready to go after riding up on the Northwoods Gondola, the gondola ride a first for quite a number of the Canes. Views at the summit included, to the north, the two Barton Garnet mines, Blue Mountain and the High Peaks. To the south, Crane Mountain and east, the spine of the Green Mountains visible in the haze.

After a short trip through a thick spruce forest we arrived at Gore’s Saddle lodge where the rest rooms were open. A nice amenity on a “wilderness” hike. Tailings from Barton’s Mine have been used as gravel on Gore’s work road in that area and quite a few pieces of the New York State gem found their way into pockets and packs. From there it was off along the original Schaeffer Trail to Paul’s Cliff for lunch and a great view to the south including much of Gore’s East Side, Route 28 nearly to Warrensburg and of course, Crane Mountain. From there we traveled back up over the summit of Burnt Ridge and down a glade to the base of the North Quad and then onto the new Schaeffer Trail headed toward Gore’s snowmaking reservoir, then Rabbit Pond and on down to Route 28 via original Historic North Creek Ski Bowl trails, some now modern back country ski trails.

At the trailhead, Diane pulled her ice chest out of the car and surprised us all with frozen lavender scented towels which were nice touch at the end of a very nice hike. She’s now figuring out how to power a microwave in the car for hot towels on winter hikes. That’s my Girl!

Recently retired NYS Ranger Steve Ovitt and his wife Sylvia accompanied us and provided a lot of history on the Schaeffer trail as well as the Historic North Creek Ski Bowl. Steve planned and built most of the hiking and back country ski trails in the Ski Bowl area and it was very interesting to hear his insights on both the modern and historic trails. Thanks for joining us you guys!

There were 23 Crooked Canes on this adventure. Both the leader and sweeper had trouble counting higher than the number of fingers and toes each had but blessedly the group's teachers and a physicist rescued us from that numeric nightmare. Diane and I had carefully jotted down the names of everyone on the hike so we’d be sure not to leave anyone out in the Journal entry. But somebody who shall remain nameless who is NOT Diane, but very closely related to her by marriage, left the list in someone's car. So as not to offend anyone, we’ll update the journal entry when we get the list back.

Thanks so much to all of you who came and and made our day so very enjoyable and memorable. We hope all of you enjoyed it as much as us. Special thanks to Wanderer who was our sweeper, co-finger and toe counter and photographic journalist all day long.

8/5/12 - Wanderer . added 22 photos.

29 photos

At Paul's Cliff

Ranger Ovitt surveys his domain.

Peter pondering whether his bifocals are trying to deceive him into taking one little bitty step off this cute little rock.

Peter with Sylvia and Steve Ovitt

Joanne enjoying lunch with a view.

A group of Canes in the spruce/balsam forest.

Susan, Tom, Steve, Sylvia and Diane on the trail.

Parking Lot Gathering - by Wanderer

Getting Ready - by Wanderer

All Aboard 1 - by Wanderer

All Aboard 2 - by Wanderer

All Aboard 3 - by Wanderer

Sure Beats Walking - by Wanderer

Almost at the Top - by Wanderer

We Have Arrived - Now Let's Visit - by Wanderer

Hey - Who is that strange guy taking our picture? - by Wanderer

Just Milling About - by Wanderer

View Looking Generally NW - Peaked Mt (center) and Blue Mt (horizon) - by Wanderer

Most of the Group on Top - by Wanderer

The Descent - by Wanderer

Along the Trail - by Wanderer

Just Some Rocks - by Wanderer

Rest Stop - by Wanderer

Lunch Anyone? - by Wanderer

Hey Kurt - How come we're going back up? - by Wanderer

View Along the Trail - by Wanderer

View of the High Peaks - by Wanderer

Trail Skirting the Beaver Pond - by Wanderer

Beaver Pond - by Wanderer

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