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Saratoga Bike Ride ~ Jun 18, 2013

Journal entry by Peter for Tom

Tuesday morning and it's raining in Greenfield - what a surprise - however, today is Tom's Saratoga bike ride so it better stop. A quick check of the weather on one of the websites confirmed that it was raining in the Saratoga area and a rather large storm was headed for the Glens Falls and Lake George area. The weather map showed that it was clearing to the west and although the day was going to be cloudy and cool it should be dry most of the day. There wasn't an email cancelling the ride and the rain had stopped - so - time to load the bikes! I was skeptical about how the rain would affect the number of attendees but when Linda and I pulled into the SPAC parking lot there were already more than ten people unloading their bikes and two more cars following us. Everybody was glad to see such a good turnout after so many cancellations due to rain. Tom kept us on schedule and the sixteen of us were on our way at 10:30ish. Tom first led us through beautiful SPA State Park and then on a quick drive-by of the Saratoga Racino before taking some local streets to our scheduled meet-up with the Saratoga Racetrack's Planning & Community Relations manager Charlie Wheeler and our very own Lenore and Jack at a gate near the backstretch. Charlie is also the racetrack's facilities manager and has a wealth of knowledge about the track's history and many other statistics. During the next 45 minutes our group was led on a leisurely and informative tour of many of the areas of the track not normally open to the public. This is the second tour that Tom has arranged with his friend Charlie and the last - he is retiring. We want to thank him for his time and wish him the best in the future. Leaving the main gate on Union Avenue we headed for Yaddo and maybe sneak in a bit to eat and drink. Unfortunately, just as everyone braced their bikes against the nearest tree and got out their lunches and drinks it started to rain - out comes the raingear or umbrellas! The trees provided shelter from most of the rain shower and it didn't look good for the rest of the ride but the weather gods were with us and the rain stopped and the skies cleared a little - at least enough for our group to explore the rose and rock gardens. The roses still had a couple of weeks before reaching their peak but certainly aided in lifting everyone's spirits. Departing Yaddo we continued east and took a side trip on the access road to the Saratoga National Golf Course - a beautiful, traffic-free 2 mile loop. There was an event going on so the parking lot was filled with cars and there were lots of golfers on the course. This gave Jim an excuse to stop by each of the closest greens and pass out some Trader Joe's pistachios and flashlights to the lucky golfers- thank goodness he didn't have his normal stash - he would still be there. I think we were nearing the half-way point on our nearly 23 mile ride and the route now became a blend of less traveled roads on the fringes of Saratoga Springs - some residential and some rural. One of my favorites and for others too was riding along Fitch Road with the many horse farms - alive with this year's newest arrivals and their moms. I doubt that the fields could get much greener. Once on the final leg along Crescent Ave we were soon back at Spa Park and within a few minutes we were loading our bikes for the trip home. The rain held off for the most part and we had another great bike ride - what more could we ask for. Thank you Tom for arranging this outing and thanks to those who took a chance on the weather - Tom, Diane and Kurt, Donna and Peter, Lenore and Jack, Claudia, Rick Steiner, Jim I, Don, Kathy and Don, Ken, Donna Westcott, Eric, and Linda. Peter for Tom 6/23/13 - ken gericke added 4 photos. 6/26/13 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

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Charlie Wheeler gave the Canes a very informative the paddock area. - added by ken

We saw many horses being exercised...Charlie told us every horse must workout at least every other day. - added by ken

We're at the 8 pole and headed for home! - added by ken

Jim and his Jockey Pals. - added by ken

At the Start - added by Wanderer

Someone Special? - added by Wanderer

Yaddo Mansion - added by Wanderer

Fountains at Yaddo - added by Wanderer

Rose Gardens - Not Quite in Full Bloom - added by Wanderer

Looking Along the Pergola - added by Wanderer

Too bad Kurt forgot his fishing pole! - added by Wanderer

One of the Horse Farms Along Fisk Road - added by Wanderer

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