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Lens Lake Paddle ~ Jul 10, 2014

Journal entry by Donna & Dana Westcott

It was a picture perfect day in the Adirondacks, the temperature was about 75 with a slight breeze to keep the black flies away and the sun sparkled on the water; naturally, we ordered such a wonderful day because we know it was Diane’s big birthday. There were 28 people and 26 boats, another great turnout for the CC’s. Lens Lake is on a tributary of Stony Creek in Warren County, and is used for recreation and flood control, among other things. Construction was completed in 1959. Its normal surface area is 120 acres, and we checked out each nook and cranny and were enthralled by the beautiful white water lilies and lovely vegetation, including “pitcher plants”. It is owned by NYS Dec and Town Of Stony Creek. Thanks to Peter Fedorik for meeting most of the group in Lake Luzerne. Another wonderful day in the Adirondacks.

7/11/14 - Ken Gericke added 10 photos.

7/15/14 - Ray Bouchard added 17 photos.

7/29/14 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

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Photo by Donna

Photo by Donna

Lens Lake, a Water Lily Heaven - added by Dana

Birthday Girl - added by Dana

Tom and his new Hornsbeck. - added by Ken

Tom and his sleek new canoe/hammock - added by Ken

Ray Bouchard. - added by Ken

Don.. - added by Ken

Dorothy.. - added by Ken

Lynn.. - added by Ken

Kurt in front of a huge old, snarly blowdown. - added by Ken

More lilies.. - added by Ken

Lilies.. - added by Ken

Along the bog....Lens Lake. - added by Ken

The cavalcade - added by Lynne

Photo added by Lynne

Rose Pogonia (Snake Mouth) is a native orchid frequently found in bogs. Note the lovely crested and fringed lip. - added by Ray

The Common Pipewort (Hatpins) plant also loves an aquatic environment. - added by Ray

A Spatulate Sundew plant with unopened buds on its flower stalk. You can see drops of a sweet, sticky, mucilaginous liquid hanging from the ends of the glandular hairs. The liquid serves to attract, trap and then digest any insect that decides to land on it. Digestive enzymes secreted by the stalked glands break down the protein into units that are small enough to be absorbed by the leaf thus supplying the plant with much needed nitrogen. - added by Ray

Pointing the way, in case you happen to be lost in the maze. - added by Ray

Sheep Laurel - added by Ray

Reflections - added by Ray

Round-leaved Sundew Plants. - added by Ray

A plant known as a Large Cranberry, not to be confused with the more familiar Highbush Cranberry. Note the cranberry with the slight reddish blush signaling that it is beginning to ripen. - added by Ray

Hmmm! Will the spider pollinate this orchid or is it just there looking for lunch, or perhaps both? - added by Ray

A Painted Turtle basking in the ample sunshine. - added by Ray

Blue Damselflies form a mating wheel while propagating their species. The male has the more distinctive blue color. - added by Ray

Unfortunately for this pair of Blue Damselflies, they chose the wrong location for their tryst. By now they have been completely absorbed by the Sundew plant, thus ensuring that this carnivorous plant will survive a little longer. - added by Ray

The yellow blossoms are that of the Horned Bladderwort, another carnivorous plant. Its filament like leaves with their characteristic minute bladders, are submerge either in the water or the mud. One source suggests that when a small invertebrate touches a trigger hair on the bladder, the bladder suddenly opens causing the prey to be sucked in and slowly digested. - added by Ray

Fran and Lynn are busy exploring the backwaters of Lens Lake without a care in the world even though they have come very, very close to hundreds of carnivorous plants. - added by Ray

A Red Winged Blackbird letting everyone know that an intruder is nearby. - added by Ray

A Yellow Pond Lily, also known as a Bullhead Lily. - added by Ray

Alas, even a day as beautiful as this one must come to an end at some point so the decision is made to head for home with a promise to return. - added by Ray

Near the put-in - added by Wanderer

Such a nice day - added by Wanderer

Twins - added by Wanderer

Abandoned beaver lodge - added by Wanderer

Hey - Where did everyone go? - added by Wanderer

Pretty view - added by Wanderer

Singing Happy Birthday to Diane - added by Wanderer

"Sittin on the Dock On the Bay" - added by Wanderer

Lunchtime for the boats - added by Wanderer

Paddling after lunch - added by Wanderer

Mini beaver dam - added by Wanderer

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