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Adirondack Lake Paddle and Reunion ~ Sep 7, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Tom and Eric hosted an after Labor Day picnic/reunion at Friends Lake for many years. This year, the tradition was carried on at the Rebers’ house on Adirondack Lake. Weather forecasts forced the event to be held a day early. Thirteen Canes and one Mini-Cane launched at Byron Park on a beautiful morning in the Adirondacks. Jack led them on a paddle around the lake. Lenore and Mark shuttled food and chairs to the Rebers’ lakeside house. The paddlers cruised through some islands, spotted one loon, and proceeded around the lake to the floating bogs. These bogs, kept in a section of state park land by ropes and piers, contain species of bog plants and provide wildlife with food and shelter. Midday is not a good wildlife viewing time, so we enjoyed waterlilies and sundews before turning around. With the sun beating down, we crossed the lake for food and visiting. 

Eight other Canes and the two Mini-Canes were waiting onshore with hot dogs, an amazing variety of delcious salads and several chocolate desserts. Several of us enjoyed swimming in the 75 degree water and all enjoyed the chance to talk with friends along the shady shore. We also wished Fran a happy birthday and trip to France. Lynn and Diane played badminton with the Rebers’ grandchildren, Jack and Sophia.

We were glad that the Fedoricks brought Barbara Hennig. It was great to see Marianne Vernon again, plus the regulars: Barbara Drake, Lynn, Fran, Linda P, Joy and Mark, Donna and Peter, LInda and Peter, Jim R, Ray B, Cathy C, Joanne, Margie, Diane and Kurt,

9/13/16 - RayB Bouchard added 5 photos. 9/13/16 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

26 photos

Exploring the bogs, but not bogged down

Heading to the picnic

All tied up

Twelve o'clock! Time for lunch.

Lenore invites us to the feast

Marianne and Cathy enjoy the lake

Lynn leads the food line

Enjoying a shady lunch, good company, and a peaceful view

The Mini-Canes go for a swim

Peter look behind you, the boats are creeping up led by the pink tube.

Caners dreaming of owning the house on the island. - added by RayB

A Fragrant Water Lily reflected in the water. - added by RayB

A birthday celebration for Fran, complete with 2 re-purposed candles sitting on top of Lenore's delicious chocolate cake, and a recycled birthday balloon (sans helium). - added by RayB

Look carefully, and you'll see that the Great Blue Heron had just caught a small perch. A flick of its head a split second later, and it was history. - added by RayB

A "Selfie" that wasn't- Can you imagine the surprised look on my face when I downloaded my pictures, and spotted this one? I'm not sure who the photographer was, but I do have my suspicions :-) . Regardless, thank you for the opportunity to laugh at myself. PS...In spite of what you think I'm doing, I'm innocent. I was merely caught in the act of exiting my kayak. Honest! - added by RayB

One of the Mini-Canes - Sophia - added by Wanderer

Rushing to lunch - added by Wanderer

Mark the Canes very own concierge - a picnic greeter today - great job Mark! - added by Wanderer

The sweeps - Jack & Fran - added by Wanderer

Fran - birthday girl - added by Wanderer

Time to visit 1 - added by Wanderer

Time to visit and allow Fran to pass around the brownies - yum! - added by Wanderer

Ray with his new tether. Kurt thought that a paddle leash would work perfectly to make sure Ray didn't stray from the group on his next hike - a new pack accessory for sure! - added by Wanderer

Kayaks patiently waiting - added by Wanderer

"Our Group" - 2016 - added by Wanderer

Jim washing his feet before getting into his boat - must be a requirement for Hornbeck owners - added by Wanderer

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