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Up The Chimney They Went!! ~ Jul 26, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

"Up the chimney" as in up Chimney Mountain in Indian Lake on a perfect day with mostly clear sky punctuated with just enough clouds to dress up a perfectly sunny sky. Soon after arrival at the trail head, we were ready for adventure. Those who had been there before looked forward to a treat and those who hadn't pondered possble deceit and what they'd gotten themselves into this time. Again. After signing in at the register, 13 Crooked Canes strained to catch up with Don and Linda, both of whom thought Ray MUST be here somewhere and he had to be ahead because he wasn't behind. But there was no Ray to be found today. Students of history know that this is not an unusual circumstance at this location, but we sure did think of him, wished he was with us and wondered if he was hitched to a short leash somewhere.

A really fun thing about being with folks who have never climbed Chimney is upon seeing their first tantalizing, filtered view of the chimney saying "oh no, we're not going there" then almost inaudibly, "yet," followed loudly by "this way to a great lunch spot with a 360 degree view and lots of room," then charging off downhill on an unmarked herd path headed for the summit of Chimney Mountain, a tenth or so of a mile away. Arriving at the summit of Chimney reminded many of us how worthwhile it is postponing exploration of the chimney for an hour or so because the summit is such a terrific and mostly overlooked vantage point. With blue berries.

A little lunch, a lot of conversation and a lull before we turned into kids again and stormed off the summit heading for what had teased us with a glimpse on our way up, one of the features Chimney Mountain is famous for: its chimney formation with lots of nooks and crannies to play in, rocks to climb on, holes to get stuck in, views to be had amid the rocky jumble and a chance to become "misplaced." It's really lots of fun. 

It took a while, but finally, all chimnied out, we headed down the trail a while before turning off to visit a small promontory where there is a view across a ravine of the chimney we had just left. Some of us made it to the lookout while others feasted on yet more blue berries before taking in a final view of the parking area and The Cabins At Chimney Mountain where our cars were parked

The ride to and from Chimney was, as usual, very pleasant as was our outing, made so by Lenore & Jack, Sophia, Jack (yes, another Jack!), Carolyn, Linda & Peter, Barbara, Barbara & Rich, Don, Scott, Gail, Diane & Kurt.

8/4/17 - Carolyn Curren added 6 photos. 8/4/17 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

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Speed demons! Hangin' and waiting for everyone else catch up. Linda's new motto: "Make it up on the steeps, Pete!"

Scott, standing on the highest point of Chimney Mountain.

"How do we get back to the chimney?" "Easy! Just follow the signs!"

Seeing Peter coming out of the closet, Linda thought it was her lucky day. But then he got stuck.

Scott, through one of the many chimney nooks & crannies.

On the way down, a look back at Chimney's chimney.

Kurt signing us in - added by Carolyn

Carolyn celebrating making it to the top! Some of the High Peaks on the horizon. - added by Carolyn

Kurt playing amongst the rocks on top. - added by Carolyn

Barbara found a seat with a view. - added by Carolyn

Scott - with the top of the chimney behind him - (it is camouflaged by the tree) - added by Carolyn

Ready for picking - yum! - added by Carolyn

Indian Pipes along the trail - added by Wanderer

Happy Hikers - Linda and Don didn't wait for the group picture - they are halfway up the mountain already! - added by Wanderer

It took us a while but we finally caught up to Linda - added by Wanderer

Looking NW - Blue Mountain in the center - added by Wanderer

Lunch on top - Don waited for us. - added by Wanderer

Barbara looks like she is having fun. - added by Wanderer

The "Chimney" from a different angle. - added by Wanderer

Looking west with Snowy Mtn in view - just left of center - added by Wanderer

Gail with the Chimney as a backdrop - added by Wanderer

Chimney Mtn Cabins at Kings Flow and the trailhead with Round Pond in view - added by Wanderer

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