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Gull Bay Preserve ~ Jun 13, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Sixteen Canes trusted the weather forecast that it would be drier in Ticonderoga than when they left their rainy neighborhood. The trip to Gull Bay went smoothly, with the Woods and Westcotts meeting us at the trail head at 10:30, right on time. We climbed a short hill and hiked to the former heron rookery. We were greeted by the high pitched screams of a pair of ospreys. After looking at the empty heron hotels designed by Dr. Seuss, we continued to the outlet of the lake, accompanied by birdsong, frog croaks and mosquitos. On the way, we got our only glimpse of the beavers, but saw many gnawed trees along the path. At the outlet, which is normally an easy-jump stream crossing, we had to pick our way across the swollen current. We then searched in vain for beaver on the way to the ledges. Most Canes scrambled up the steep dirt trail to the ledge overlook of the swamp and enjoyed the view. On the way up, we found a porcupine den, complete with a pile of porcupoop.

We retraced our way around the outlet of the swamp, crossed a very long beaver dam which cuts the swamp in half, and had a delayed, but welcome lunch on a large rock shelf next to the water. Soon we began zigzagging down an old logging road, avoiding deep pools of water and many red efts, and then over a rise to a view of Lake George. We posed for a picture and completed our 3.5 mile circuit of the Gull Bay Preserve without a drop of rain.

Half the hikers drove home and the other half headed north to the LaChute Falls Riverwalk in Ticonderoga. The water was roaring and gushing over the rocks, spraying us with mist, and the river was very high and fast. We walked around Bicentennial Park, imagining the history that happened there, checking out the covered bridge and options for kayaking. On the way home, we encountered rain around Brant Lake. We had a mostly dry day with a mosquito escort. Welcome to Mary, our newest Cane.

Lenore and Jack

12 photos

Empty heron nests

Top of the ledges

View from the ledges

Kurt at the porcupine den

Steep descent

Photo by Lenore

Dana crossing the outlet

Crossing the first half of the beaver dam

Near the end of the long dam

Lunch at last

Lake George view

LaChute Falls

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