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Beaver Meadow Falls Hike ~ Jun 19, 2014

Journal entry by Wanderer

I don't have to tell the thirteen people who went on the Beaver Meadow Falls hike this past Thursday what a wonderful day it was - I just hope that those that weren't able to join us had the opportunity to be outdoors. With temperature around 70, a light breeze all day long and brilliant blue skies who could ask for more - of course we all could - NO BUGS! The toughest decision of the day was whether to split up the group at the beginning, some taking the road to the falls and others taking the West River Trail, a slightly more challenging route. After a few minutes of discussion and me promising that the trail is relatively flat (temporary lapse in memory) everyone elected for the trail. I think that I can speak for everyone, that the decision to take the trail was a good one - hiking parallel to the river for nearly the whole distance to the falls was super - views of the many cascades, gorges and listening to the river's sounds was as good as you can get and the sunlight glistening through the trees, and reflecting off the river and its rocks was an added bonus. Hiking the trail does take a little longer than using the road and there were a few that just had to know "how much further?". I would respond by saying "another fifteen minutes." After a few more "just another fifteen minutes" we arrived at the falls and had a long lunch, choosing the perfect seat from the many boulders provided by Hurricane Irene's fury a couple of years ago. Lunch ended and we had to make the decision to split up or stay together and hike the East River Trail. Nancy had to get back to feed her critters so Dave and Candi decided to join her and take the road back - a good thing because they carpooled together! The rest of us enjoyed another hike along the river, rough in some spots, but we all survived and had a great day together. Thank you Don, Candi, Fran, Nancy, Dave, Margie, Lynn, Jack, Gail, Kurt, Rose and Linda for joining me on another adventure. Peter

14 photos

Don and Linda

Crossing the E Branch of the Ausable River

Candi, Fran, Linda

E Branch of the Ausable and remnants from Hurricane Irene

Now that's a burl!

Along the West River Trail

Just one of the hundreds of cascades

Wedge Brook Falls

Linda at Beaver Meadow Falls

Beaver Meadow Falls - another view

Lunch at the Falls

Beaver Meadow with Sawteeth Mt. in the background

New foot bridge

Ans you think you have a big lawn - Giant Mt. in the background

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