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Cedar River Flow Paddle ~ Aug 25, 2015

Journal entry by Ray Bouchard

We finally lucked out with the weather on our 2nd attempt within a week to do this paddle. The skies were a bit threatening when we arrived, but soon changed to puffy white clouds floating in the midst of an azure blue sky. By the time the 8 of us were ready to set out on our nearly 10 mile RT journey the water was as smooth as glass. Yes, there were a few riffles about a third of the way up the flow, but wind was never a problem. The light breeze actually helped improve our comfort level as the temperature and humidity began to rise. We did see a couple of loons in the distance and a flock of Canada Geese floating in the reeds on the eastern shore as we made our way south, but they weren’t exactly people friendly so pictures were out of the question. We did struggle a bit trying to follow my old GPS tracks through the bed of reeds that all but obliterated the southern end, but with the aid of a couple of scouts we finally managed to locate the outlet of the Cedar River. The cheering was short lived however because we soon discovered a beaver dam blocking our path. One, there wasn’t any way to get around it on either the right or left, and two; the water was fairly cold and deep. Jack and I studied it a bit and decided there was only one option left if we were to continue on. We had to get out onto the dam and create an opening. I’m happy to say that we managed to do just that without falling in or tipping over. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way to the lean-to, our traditional lunch spot. Fran and I reminisced as we paddled along; trying to figure out how many years ago Hurricane Irene had wreaked havoc in NY and made its mark in this area. I can now state with a fairly high degree of certainty that Irene hit NY on August 21, 2011 and I led the Cane’s paddle all the way to the lean-to on August 26, 2011. Here we were, paddling it again 4 years later, almost to the day. We both remembered the high water stake that had been stuck in the ground about 15' from the lean-to by the camper who was there in 2011, but of course it was long since gone. After a leisurely lunch we headed back to our cars, but this time we followed a more obvious path through the reed beds. It brought us to the southernmost campsite on the eastern shore and from there we made our way out into the open water. Would you believe, that in utter defiance of “Murphy’s Law”, the breeze was actually at our back for the final stretch home. It was a very enjoyable day with a great group of people that included: Ray Boucher, Jack, Jim R., Fran, Margie, Lynn, and Cathy C.

8/29/15 - Jack Reber added 1 photo.

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The Flow started off as smooth as glass

Jack spotted this Cormorant on the distant shore.

An Aster. I'm afraid I didn't pay close enough attention to make a positive ID.

Joe-Pye Weed was pretty common along the shore.

Another of my favorites, the Turtlehead flower.

Jeezum Crow Fran, will you please stop "Texting" and tell me which way to the lean-to.

Rumor has it that the local beavers are running out of Swamp Alder so they've taken to planting canes (small "c", not big "C") to see if they'll grow.

A view from the lean-to looking north.

Jim R. & Cathy C. waiting for the rest of us to launch.

Margie always has a smile and a friendly wave.

Bur-reeds made paddling difficult in some spots. - added by Jack

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