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Hudson River Paddle - Spier Falls Dam to Corinth ~ Sep 1, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

Just another nice paddle day – this time on a stretch of the Hudson many people forget about.  I’m not sure why more people don’t paddle this section – between the Spier Falls Dam and the Village of Corinth – it is nearly completely wooded on both sides of the river on this 3.7 mile stretch and is sheltered from the wind from the steep banks – giving you the sense of remoteness while being close to where many of us live.  Of course the scenery changes drastically as you approach Corinth when you see the exhaust stack from the power generating plant and the hydro-electric generating facility at the dam.  That’s fine – the cloud of water vapor emitted from the natural gas power generating plant can often be seen from many of our hike destinations – sort of a landmark.

Our group of 20 split up almost immediately – perhaps because everyone arrived at staggered intervals and by the time I arrived with the last paddler from the meeting place most were in the water and anxious to get going.  I think there were five or six of us that stayed back, hugging the shoreline to see if we could see anything interesting rather than make a bee line up the middle of the river to try and catch up.  Timing was good for those of us that lagged behind – we got to see an eagle fly across the river, Kurt was able to get up close to a blue heron and there were an assortment of cardinal flowers and pretty purple and yellow flowers along the shore to see.  I know they have names but despite being told several times during the year (and every year) I don’t remember what they are called – just pretty.  Paddling was comfortable – partly cloudy most of the time with little or no wind on the paddle up-river.  The stragglers finally caught up with the rest of the group near the dam and after a short time to regroup we turned back for a short paddle to our lunch spot at Beaverdam Brook.  The take out is a little challenging but we all managed – that is except for some that chose to tie up their boats on the opposite side of the brook and wade across in deep water to join us on the bank overlooking the river.  It made for good conversation when we were getting ready to leave – Jack was swimming and volunteered to ferry the boats back – what a guy!

Paddling downstream seemed quicker as it always does but a small group of us managed to lag behind again, hugging the shore and allowing the majority to get well ahead of us.  By the time we reached a point across from our starting point we could see that most of the group were calling it quits for the day.  Still quite early, we decided to be troopers and continue to the dam and check out the portage trail.  I don’t know if that was such a good idea because once we turned the sharp bend and headed north we were struck with a consistent head wind – all the way to the dam.  Once at the dam it was like someone turned off the wind switch and it was calm again.  We investigated the portage trail entrance but decided that against ever making this a through paddle downstream to the Sherman Island launch – way too long of a carry and rough going – hey - we tried.

It was a leisurely paddle back to the launch – joined by Gail who had a commitment earlier in the day.  Slow, and easy – just the way I like it.

Till the next time - Pete

9/3/16 - Wanderer . added 17 photos. 9/4/16 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos.

20 photos

Better hurry up - paddlers are already on the water! - added by Wanderer

Catching up to the fast group - added by Wanderer

Curtis-Palmer Hydro Plant in Corinth - time to turn around - added by Wanderer

Indeck natural gas powered generating plant in Corinth - added by Wanderer

The Electric Lime Trio (I think it is actually closer to Chartreuse Yellow - don't you?) How about Margie's water shoes - I think I'd like a pair of those. - added by Wanderer

Howie and Paul - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Margie, Diane and Katie at lunch - added by Wanderer

Jack couldn't pass up a chance to take a swim .... - added by Wanderer

.... and volunteered to ferry back some boats back while he was wet - added by Wanderer

Jim - are you sure that is the proper way of launching a kayak? FOR SALE - two matching halves of a kayak - cheap! - added by Wanderer

Back on the water - added by Wanderer

Kurt - Where did everyone go? Howie - I don't know but I am outta here! - added by Wanderer

Shoreline visitors - added by Wanderer

Kurt following the instructions on the sign - literally! - added by Wanderer

Spier Falls dam - close enough - added by Wanderer

I told you that we paddled at a leisurely pace - added by Wanderer

Hi Joy! - added by Wanderer

At first thought to be a turkey vulture, then an osprey, the bird spied by a number of paddlers turned out to be an eagle. - added by Diane

Another paddle, another heron. Glad there are so many around now. - added by Diane

Staying with the bird theme, even though these aren't actually avian, we saw a lot of cardinal flowers. - added by Diane

Attendees:  Diane & Kurt, Lenore & Jack, Don, Joanne, Barbara, Paula, Ed, Cathy C, Claire, Margie, Fran, Linda & Peter, Joy, Katie, Jim I, Paul, Howie, Gail,

Viewing 45 of 78 - 2016


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