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Northwest Bay Paddle ~ Jul 20, 2017

Journal entry by Gail Stauble

It was perfect weather for our paddle on Northwest Bay.  Clouds were a welcome protection from what could have been a blistering day, and the winds were light.  We started paddling down Northwest Bay Brook through lush vegetation, which further along broadened out into a nice grassy landscape.  Once in the Bay, there was a bit more wave action and a nice breeze.  There were 15 of us in 12 kayaks and 2 canoes.  Jim I. didn't read the write-up and thought we were going sailing so brought along his sail/paddle boat.  But no one cared as he also brought  a large bag of dark red sweet cherries to share and sandwiches for a couple of lucky paddlers! (Yay Jim!)  We got a nice view of a heron, a glimpse of an eagle, and during lunch, and a too close look at a large black snake (evidently, Diane flushed the snake out during an unknown activity... ).  Lunch was at Montcalm Point - some of us disembarked at the Point before the launch area and the rest traveled around the Point to the launch.  Those that went around the point missed the cherries.....and the snake.  But they did get in a swim, which those of us in the first group did not.  However on the return, Kurt diverted to a sandy beach for a dip and lured the leader to follow.  Beautiful clean water and it sure did feel good.  The paddle back had the wind to our backs and went too quickly!

Such a nice day and thanks to Peter and Linda, Kurt and Diane, Leon and Karen, Katie, Margie, Linda Frees, Jim I, Jim R, Claire, Fran, and Barb for coming along with me.

7/22/17 - Gail . added 5 photos. 8/3/17 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos. 8/4/17 - Wanderer . added 13 photos.

21 photos

Part of the fleet paddling NW Bay Brook with Jim I. in his Hobie kayak - it can be paddled, pedaled or sailed! - added by Gail

Nearing the end of NW Bay Brook headed for the Bay - at least nearly everyone was headed in the right direction - there is always one in the crowd that has to be different! - added by Gail

Hugging the eastern shore of NW Bay - added by Gail

Jim's Lake George food delivery service - he is also a part-time Uber driver. - added by Gail

Jim R. and Linda - lakeside at our lunch site - added by Gail

Though I didn't have my camera, this VERY patient eagle waited while I got my phone out of two plastic bags, got it booted up and started clicking. - added by Diane

Everyone has to be somewhere and this was a great place to be! - added by Diane

Note the distinctive emphasis on the word "NUISANCE." - added by Diane

Kurt supervising the loading of the boats. We happened to arrive at the launch just as a group of 26 sixteen and seventeen-year-olds arrived after spending a couple of nights camping on Long Island. They were from a Ukranian Summer Camp in Chatham, NY. - added by Wanderer

Finally - the "older" kids get to paddle! - added by Wanderer

Our group underway on NW Bay Brook with a portion of the Tongue Mtn Range in the background - added by Wanderer

The Crooked Canes Armada - everyone except for Linda and me. - added by Wanderer

Great Blue Heron in the tree above us as we skirted one of the bays. - added by Wanderer

Bald Eagle looking for snakes .... (a little blurry from the canoe bobbing) - added by Wanderer

.... here you go Mr. Eagle - we found a nice one for you! - added by Wanderer

Jim I. relaxing in his Hobie kayak - way to go Jim! - added by Wanderer

Part of our group at our lunch spot at Montcalm Point - added by Wanderer

Leon heading back to the launch - added by Wanderer

Barbara(L) and Claire - added by Wanderer

Diane(L) and Linda - added by Wanderer

Gail - our leader! - added by Wanderer

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