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A-Team Snowshoe - Lake Bonita to the Spring ~ Feb 14, 2019

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Fresh snow, sunny, reasonably warm, day, made this the day to be out in the woods enjoying nature. The only problem was that “someone” had to break trail. But among the 10 attendees, (Linda F., Linda P., Jim I., Jim R., 2 Rebers, Susi, Sam, Tom and Don) we had enough strong hands ready to take on the task. It was decided that, starting from the Lake Bonita trailhead,  we would cross over Lake Bonita to the dam and take the Waterfalls trail down to the Spring trailhead. Fortunately hiking mostly downhill, through open woods with vistas of the Hudson River and mountains beyond, and rocky ledges covered with icicles on the other side, made the trek interesting. The “waterfalls” itself was quiet, a cascade of ice. A good day with no frozen thumbs!

2/14/19 - Jack Reber added 5 photos.

5 photos

A Team and their shadows on Lake Bonita. - added by Jack

Tom and Jim racing past an ice-covered outcrop. - added by Jack

And Sam caught them! - added by Jack

In a hemlock forest. Beware of porcupines. - added by Jack

A gnarly trail marker - added by Jack

Viewing 12 of 45 - 2019


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