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A-TEAM! At Spruce Mountain ~ Apr 25, 2019

Journal entry by Ye Olde Ghost Writer

The A-TEAM!'s day at Spruce Mountain is best described in one word: glorious.  A gung-ho gang of eight was met at the trail head by perfect temperature, clear blue sky and the wonderfully welcome added surprise presence of a dear old friend and two almost new ones who, like chocolate bunnies, have shown up before at about this time of year and who will always be welcome. The stage was well set for the eleven of us to enjoy a day we did not want to see end.

Our mile and a half-ish ascent was an easy, enjoyable stroll punctuated by a variety of early wild flowers, some in bloom and others darn close.  Of course (and as is usual) nary a word spoken nor was anyone picked on as we made our way through what seemed to be a fairy land of mature, healthy open hardwood forest.

Lunch was dreamlike in the large clearing at the base of the fire tower: a long, relaxed celebration of spring, the day and one another. Our leisurely stroll down was dreamlike as well until the unfortunate reality of an OMG! scare not too far above the trail head. Sam, in the company of one trusty helper leading the tail end of the pack, pointed out that only the upper half of the trail had markers! Meanwhile, the other nine, a bit ahead and oblivious to the tragedy, enjoyed their sunny perches and the trailhead.....waiting for the two (highly experienced but more than likely lost) remaining Big Dogs to appear.

What a great day for "Lead From Behind" Lantz, "Slippers" McMahon, Linda (with grandkids Kaiden and Deven), Nancy,  Ray!, Jay, Jim, Kirk and Kurt to be together in the right place at the right time.

4/26/19 - Kurt Wisell added 5 photos. 4/30/19 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos. 4/30/19 - RayB Bouchard added 1 photo.

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Photo added by Kirk -Editor's note: Kirk was feeling his oats on this nice spring day and took the photo hanging by his knees from a tree limb, so from his perspective, it's perfectly oriented.

Welcome to our newest Cane, Jay (L) and welcome back to two great future outing leaders (Linda's grandkids), who I understand have been with us before during spring break, Kaiden (C) and Deven (R). - added by Kurt

Smooth Yellow Violet (Viola Pensylvanica) maybe, or LYJ (Little Yellow Jobbie for sure) - added by Kurt

A trout lily, just waking up. - added by Kurt

This Trillium hasn't gotten quite over a visit from the Sandman either. - added by Kurt

LPJ - little pinkish jobbie, aka Spring Beauty (Claytonia Caroliniana), maybe, - added by Kurt

Sam with his trusty homemade hiking staff. The Striped Maple was both light weight, and strong. - added by RayB

Don led the way, and frankly, I had trouble keeping up. - added by RayB

Kirk enjoying a post lunch respite. - added by RayB

Abstract art in the sky. - added by RayB

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