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Crazy Eight Bike Ride ~ Jul 19, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Twenty two Canes met at the Exit 16 Park and Ride on a beautiful July Thursday. Following Dave King’s map and directions, we rode the first 2/3 of the loop enjoying the cool of the shade and warmth of the sun. After about 90 minutes, we arrived at Camp Saratoga for lunch. The pavilion provided shade and picnic tables, and a place for talks from Jack and Larry Gordon, the fire tower coordinator. We learned about the Karner Blue butterfly and the history of Camp Saratoga. Lenore passed out brownies to celebrate Jack’s birthday.

After lunch, most of us climbed the tower and enjoyed the view and breeze. After another 6 miles, we were back at the Park and Ride. Then off to Stewart’s for ice cream and visiting in the gazebo. We had a great ride with no mishaps or wandering bikers.

A few minutes after we left Camp Saratoga, Peter, Ray and I heard a crash that sounded like fire crackers. On the way home from Stewart's, I received a call from Larry, who told me an oak tree fell and crushed the pavilion! So we were the last group to use it. The Town of Wilton has other improvements planned, so it’s not likely that it will be replaced soon. There is always something in a Reber-led event.

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28 photos

Our lunch spot

Gathering - by Wanderer

Almost Ready - by Wanderer

Some of Our Group - by Wanderer

More of Our Group - by Wanderer

Lunch at the Pavilion - 1 - by Wanderer

Lunch at the Pavilion - 2 - by Wanderer

Larry Gordon Giving Us a History Lesson - by Wanderer

Who would have guessed that Jack would have a pine tree named after him - "Jack" pine located at the entrance to Camp Saratoga - by Wanderer

Pond at Camp Saratoga - by Wanderer

Cornell Hill Firetower - previously located in Luther Forest, moved and restored to Camp Saratoga in 2011 - by Wanderer

Firetower view looking NW with Mt McGregor (Center) - by Wanderer

Firetower view looking westerly towards Spruce Mt - by Wanderer

Waiting for Us to Come Down - by Wanderer

Remains of Our Lunch Pavilion - Pic 1 - by Wanderer

Pic 2 - by Wanderer

Pic 3 - by Wanderer

Benches Survived - Pic 4 - by Wanderer

Our Lunch Spot - Pic 5 - by Wanderer

The Culprit - Pic 6 - by Wanderer

Pic 7 - by Wanderer

Pic 8 - by Wanderer

Pic 9 - last one (finally)- by Wanderer

Stopped at the Wilton Wildlife Preserve today. Saturday 7/21. Larry has been at work cleaning up. - by Ken

Flattened! - by Ken

Amazing! - by Ken

Another angle. - by Ken

I believe this was where Ray Bouchard, the last to leave, was standing. To all my CC friends...A Happy and Appreciative Hello. - by Ken

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