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Journal entry by Karen Burka

Fourteen CCer's enjoyed a rain-free, leisurely hike to Berrymill Pond. It was a wonderful day in the woods going through hardwood and pine forests. There were some beautiful bird songs (I'm not allowed to mention the word "warbler.") A pleasant surprise was the amount of wildflowers we saw including pink lady slippers, clitonia, bunchberry, arum (Jack, did you get a picture?), spider iris and even a pitcher plant or two. The hardy group of adventurers braved some "interesting" water crossings (aren't bridges supposed to be somewhat level???). We took a short side trip to look at the larger part of the pond, and then continued to the lean-to and rock outcroppings on the smaller area of the pond for lunch. After lunch, we made our way back to the trailhead. Being a first-time hike leader, I'm proud to report that the same number of people who started the hike finished the hike! (And, yes, driving back to the Horicon Municipal Center there were some rain drops on my windshield!)

Thank you to Tom, Eric, Donna, Kathy, Kurt, Diane, Dennis, Linda, Karen, Fran, Kate, Jack and Lenore. It was nice spending a day in the woods with nice people!

6/8/13 - Kurt Wisell added 4 photos.

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The happy (and DRY) group!

Who was the engineer on this site???

Lunch on the lower rocks with lean-to in the background.

Lunch on the upper rocks.

Rock outcropping on other side of pond.

Kurt brought his fishing pole.

Lunch view!

Water Arum - calla palustrus, AKA Wild Calla, Water Dragon and many other local names. At least 7 species of Arum, including Jack-In-The-Pulpit, Skunk Cabbage and Taro. As does Taro, Water Arum has roots from which poi can be made. YUK! - added by Kurt

Commonly known as Bunch Berry but locally known as Bunch WARBLERS. - added by Kurt

Five Lady Slippers in one small space along with Clintonia and Bunch WARBLERS. - added by Kurt

One more Water Arum. - added by Kurt

Getting bait? Mosquito bait?

Tom proves that trail markers damage trees.

Pitcher plants

Mother Nature's Son


The Loch Berrymill Monster

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