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Batten Kill Paddle ~ Jun 5, 2014

Journal entry by Joanne for Tom Gibbs

Eleven paddlers convened at the McDonalds in Greenwich tor the Battenkill paddle. Uh oh, Dale has car trouble, so after the committee determined that jumper cables wouldn’t solve the problem, there was a quick switch of the boat from the disabled car to Don’s car and we were off to the car drop off point then the put-in. Today began in the mid- 60’s cool and cloudy but throughout the day the sun put in some nice appearances making some wish they’d brought their sunglasses. Tom gave us some stern lectures about behaving ourselves and had Judy drill us on safety before he let us loose in the river. Despite this a few people managed to take a dunk---more a result of missteps than river conditions. The river level was pretty perfect for a beautiful 12.2 mile paddle and provided some fun swift currents—none too challenging. The 6” high dam that we paddled over was anxiously anticipated and lots of fun but not problematic or tough on the boats. We missed the Rebers because we didn’t stop for lunch till after 1 pm (can you believe it Lenore?). But when we did stop, it was well worth the wait – lovely mowed and manicured lawns, full service restrooms, and picnic tables on the grounds of the Georgi Museum. Some highlights: several pairs of Merganser’s some with babies on their backs, Canada Geese (several families with babies at various stages), hundreds of gorgeous Yellow Flag (irises introduced from Europe that escaped cultivation) along the river banks which Ray and Claire wanted to invite to live in their yards. We passed under 3 covered bridges, and an old dilapidated stone mill or factory. It was a really great day with Tom, Don, Ray B, Ray B (not a mistake-2 Ray B’s), Paul, Claire, Diane, Kurt, Judy, Dale, and Joanne. Thank you Judy for photos.

Joanne for Tom
Little factoid: the first brook to enter the 59.4 mile Batten Kill is the “Mad Tom Brook”

6/12/14 - Jack Reber added 1 photo.

15 photos

The car committee

It takes a village

First covered bridge

Paddlers in a calm section

Our leader Tom

Claire powering her way down stream

One of the Ray B's

Kurt IN his kayak

Dunking # 1

Approaching another covered bridge

Ray, Don, Tom, Joanne and Diane enjoying lunch on the Georgi grounds

Claire, Paul, Judy, Ray B and Dale at lunch table #2

Diane laughs at dunking #2 (and Kurt laughs it off)

Last covered bridge...sadly we're nearing the take-out

Since we got dissed in the last journal entry and we weren't even there, we thought you'd like to see where we ate lunch on June 5th. Here we are eating AT NOON in the Austrian Alps. Peter Wood's new hat is on the table. Photo by Donna Wood. - added by Jack

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