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A Paddle on the Lower Schroon River ~ Aug 20, 2015

Journal entry by Ray Bouchard

My thanks go to Don who called me on Wednesday to suggest that the Schroon River was the best choice among all the possibilities that I had listed in my email to the Canes. His arguments were solid. The trees that lined the banks of the river would protect us from the brunt of any wind, lunch spots were readily available on any of a number of the flat sandy area and finally if the weather did turn sour we could easily shoot back to our cars because we would be going with the current. It's hard to beat that kind of logic. Considering the weather, I was a bit surprised when I counted a total of 14 of us assembled at the launch site. Not bad for an iffy day. It turned out to be a good decision. The trees not only shaded us most of the way, but the breeze that we encountered was refreshingly cool rather than an obstacle to be overcome. The water level had reached its high point a few days prior to our journey so it was probably at its lowest point for the season by the time we paddled it. Fortunately we always had enough to float our boats. Trees that had hung up along the shore during the spring runoffs were about the only impediment to paddling, but even they were easily skirted around. Don had gone ahead of the pack so he had plenty of time to pick the perfect lunch spot for us when noon finally arrived. We had a sandy beach all to ourselves, complete with a choice of sun or shade, and of course plenty of water to cool off in. It certainly was a welcome respite after having paddled 4 miles against the current. The strength of the current provided more of a workout than I expected considering how low the water was on the river gauge. But, exercise is one of the reasons we look forward to our Thursday outings. After a leisurely lunch the group decided it was time to head back rather than risk the increased possibility of running into an afternoon thunderstorm. My thanks go to the following brave souls for joining me in spite of an uncertain forecast: Don, Tom, Neil, Kurt and Diane, Bonnie, Joanne, Joy, Margie, Barbara, Fran, Lynn and last, but certainly not least, Pat 8/24/15 - RayB Bouchard added 1 photo.

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When I saw this tree lying across the river I figured we'd have to drag our boats around it, but as you can see there was enough room on the left to paddle through. It was the first and the last obstacle we encountered along the way.

Here's Tom cruising up the river.

Neil wasn't too far behind.

Barbara, Diane and Pat seem to be having a good time.

Unfortunately I got stuck at the red light so I had to wait for the traffic to pass by.

Ducks dining, I presume. I wonder what they talk about when they 're under water?

Kurt dining. Diane is doing her best not to burst out laughing at his antics.

Margie, Joanne, Bonnie and Pat trying to eat their lunch, if only I will let them.

Barbara, Fran, Lynn, Joy and Don prefer eating lunch in the shade.

That's a novel way to keep your kayak from floating away.

At first Joanne, Barbara and Pat had the whole stream to themselves but then...

a few more realized how refreshing it must be.

My apologies to the group for taking so long to return to the car after lunch. It was kind of you to wait for me. The remaining pictures were taken during my solo journey downstream.

Sometimes one has to go slowly and quietly in order to take advantage of a chance encounter like this one.

I'd like to see you try this.

A female Mallard duck. Getting close to them wasn't a problem. They were like family pets.

An unusual arrangement.

Better hurry, winter is i-cumin in, Lhude sing goddamn! Raineth drop and staineth stop and how the wind doth ram sing goddamn! Which reminds me, I should be home repairing my roof rather than having fun on the Schroon. Oh well, there will be another day for that. And if not, Lhude sing goddamn.

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