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Prospect Rock and Equinox Preserve ~ May 30, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Prospect Rock in Manchester, VT was a hike with a big discovery! Being from Vermont, the likelihood of my being related to most of the residents of that state has often been suggested. That might be, in a state boasting 627K residents, but what are the odds that on a hike in Vermont with 16 New Yorkers (pop. 19.5 million), Crooked Canes all, that 3 of those 16 would figure out there were family ties between them, me the Vermonter not included! Pardon my digression but that was just begging to be told! The day was perfect: not too hot, a light breeze, pretty cascades, lovely forest, a spectacular lunch time view and terrific company. An easy 3.5 miles RT with 1K vertical. We saw a few hikers headed off the AT to town for provisions and everyone looking for a little more mileage was given the option at Prospect Rock to continue on from there to either Maine or Georgia, their choice. Opting for something slightly shorter after Prospect Rock, most headed out of the Green Mountain Range on the east side of the valley and over to the Taconic Range on the west side and the Equinox Preserve. We had a very nice 2+/- mile walk around Equinox Pond (complete with bathrooms, indoor plumbing and trail maps) before heading home. This was a pretty, level hike on trails named "Flatlander," "Pond Loop" and "Tom's Compromise" aka "Snicket." Yellow Lady Slippers really made the detour on Snicket aka "Tom's Compromise" a success! The hour and a quarter ride to and from Manchester was almost as nice as the hikes. Joining in the fun were Kurt, Diane, Gail, every McMahon on the Crooked Canes list (all 2 of them), Linda, Karen, Tom, Dennis, Susan, Dale, Fran, Bonnie, Eric, Rose and Katie. One dollar goes to anyone NOT on this trip who is the first person (and is not another relative) to figure out who the three related individuals are.

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Lunch at Prospect Rock with a view of Equinox and Mother Myrick Mtns.

The Canes on Prospect Rock as viewed from the top of Mt. Equinox.

A view of Downer Glen, one glen north of Lye Brook Hollow. Prospect rock is just out of sight to the upper left of this photo. Bourn Brook runs through this glen to the Battenkill.

A view to the southwest from where the previous picture was taken.

Photo added by Bonnie

Nice cool spot to enjoy lunch. - added by Bonnie

Lunch on the rock. - added by Bonnie

That orange looks sooooo yummy. - added by Bonnie

Yellow Ladyslippers at Equinox Preserve - added by Fran

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