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Cascade Lake, Stephens Pond, Durant Lake thru hike ~ Aug 18, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

This could be called the bad news/good news hike. Rain escorted us to Indian Lake and then ended. The restrooms were locked, but a town employee opened them. Peter and Lenore got stung by bees and then outran them. Ray lost his GPS early on the hike and then encountered a couple signing out at the Cascade register who had found it! The trail was often muddy from downpours on Tuesday which brought out multitudinous and beautiful fungi.

This is a lovely and level trail, winding through a deciduous forest, past ponds and across varied bridges. Our first crossing was the neck between Durant Lake and Rock Pond. We then climbed gently up for two miles to Cascade Pond and had lunch while enjoying time with our friends under a sunny sky and pond view. Jim, Barbara and Lenore had a relaxing and cooling swim. 

We proceeded across the two squared log bridge to find the lean-to and lose the connector trail to the Northville-Placid trail. After some searching and map checking the trail was found behind the lean-to and we discovered that we had missed it because the trail was hidden by lake outflow. When we reached the NPT we all agreed we wanted to hike the extra 1.2 miles RT to Stephens Pond, especially since it was a new trail for the Canes. This pond is particularily scenic with a huge beaver lodge amid tall grasses at one end and low mountains and whipped cream clouds at the other. It was hard to leave, but we returned up the trail to the connector and the headed northeast, down to Lake Durant, two and a half miles away.

On the way we encountered several downed trees which we could go over or under, depending on our prediliction and height. It seemed that every few steps we came across an interesting fungi and we saw numerous Indian pipes. A few of us waded in when we arrived at the  beach and then walked over to the NPT parking area to meet Peter and Fran, who were in charge of car drop-off. Of course, after this 7+ mile hike we had to stop at Stewarts for a treat and fond goo-byes until we meet again. Thank you to Peter, Jim and Ray, Fran, Lynn, JoEllen, Linda, Barbara, and Margie for joining me this day.  

8/19/16 - Lenore Reber added 8 photos. 8/26/16 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

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9 happy hikers (and a photographer) - added by Lenore

Between Durant Lake and Rock Pond - added by Lenore

Ruffled fungus - added by Lenore

Bracket fungus - added by Lenore

Indian Pipes - added by Lenore

Papa, mama and baby fumgus - added by Lenore

Jim cooling off in Cascade Pond - added by Lenore

Lunch at last! - added by Lenore

Guess who else went swimming at lunch. - added by Lenore

Carefully crossing Cascade outlet - added by Lenore

Lost trail OR new stream? - added by Lenore

Flower fungus, but do fungi flower? - added by Lenore

Not so tasty fungus - added by Lenore

Fran having a pre-Stewarts treat - added by Lenore

Stephen's Pond lean-to - added by Lenore

Relaxing at Stephen's Pond on the Northville Placid trail - added by Lenore

Five flowers, almost as colorful as the fungi - added by Lenore

Edible? These are only a few of the fantastic fungi we saw! - added by Lenore

Wading at Durant Lake - added by Lenore

View towards Rock Pond from the bridge - added by Wanderer

Crossing the bridge between Rock Pond and Lake Durant - added by Wanderer

Lunch at Cascade Pond - Linda, Margie & Lynn - added by Wanderer

Ray - just relaxing - added by Wanderer

Fran - added by Wanderer

Bathing beauties Barbara & Lenore - and Jim - added by Wanderer

Cascade Pond - added by Wanderer

Log crossing - added by Wanderer

Barbara & Fran - added by Wanderer

Stephens Pond from our rest stop - added by Wanderer

Only 2.5 miles to go! - added by Wanderer

The group - all in a row - added by Wanderer

Visiting at the beach - added by Wanderer

Trail visitor - Fran tried to catch this rabbit and bring it home - she enjoys watching them eat her Hosta plants. Sorry that the picture is a little blurry but it must have sensed that Fran was getting ready to attempt to catch it.

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