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Sherman Island Canoe/Kayak trip ~ Jul 5, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

The Sherman Island Canoe/Kayak trip was like an orchestra without a conductor, not that a leader was required in any case. The leader got to the take out early only to find that the parking was very limited because everyone else was already there, with some boats already in the water ready to go. Well, there were cars and people that didn't belong to CCs and enough new people that taking a count was difficult or impossible. The leader didn't try probably close to 20 boats mostly kayaks but a few canoes, some of the real old heavy kind that actually carry two people! By the time everyone was on the water the leading edge was a mile away, and needless to say hopeless to coordinate. Us laggards eventually got beyond the island where there was much milling around looking for a place to swim. So we congregated at Irv's old swimming hole and some started swimming, some started eating an early lunch and talking. Then, like a flock of geese, everyone took off and disappeared, only to be found a lunching and swimming and talking again a half mile upstream. Between the early and late lunches Jack found the only cardinal flower seen for the day. It was an easy paddle day. We didn't get close to the Sherman Island dam and we didn't go upstream from the take out. It was a good day, sunny, cool, not too much wind, no bug problems, and everyone had a good time and did get back.

7/6/12 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

9 photos

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