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OK Slip Falls Hike ~ May 29, 2014

Journal entry by Diane

An interesting trip and a bluebird day provided the backdrop for another splendid Crooked Canes outing, drawing 23 out of their burrows to share in the fun. Our company, as equally divided into two groups as could be done, had a group going in via the Scout Road and the other on the new, but as yet essentially unimproved, trail accessed via the Ross Pond trail. Two starting points and two parking points made for interesting fun.

The groups, each with fast hikers and some even faster, had arranged to meet at an intersection roughly two thirds of the distance to the falls. The rendezvous turned out to be protracted which ultimately worked out very well for all concerned, especially the black flies and mosquitoes who were treated to a parade of culinary delights lasting, as someone pointed out, exactly 53 and one half minutes.

Eventually, everyone met at the falls which still had a robust flow and enjoyed lunch with an OK view. For some, this was a first time viewing the falls and sharing that experience with them was a rewarding experience in itself. A number of other groups took advantage of the nice day to visit the falls so we met quite a number of folks during our trip.

On the return trip with everyone on the Scout Road, scattered clouds provided relief from the sun and a light breeze befuddled the waiting hungry hoards making for a very enjoyable return trip.

5/30/14 - Joanne Armstrong added 5 photos.

5/30/14 - Ray Bouchard added 3 photos.

7/29/14 - Wanderer . added 3 photos.

16 photos

Canes bushwhacked by a photographer on a bushwhack via the new route from the Ross Pond trail.

Canes enjoying an OK view.

Lunch at the lower viewpoint

Ice at the bottom of the falls

June fashion statements from the Adirondacks (models from left: Diane, Linda, Rose, Candy, Joanne, Nancy - added by Joanne

Rose, Joanne and Barbara model luncheon outfits - added by Joanne

Oh dear, Peter is this a men's fashion statement? - added by Joanne

Candy, Eric, Don and Bob have found their seats at the table - added by Joanne

Sam enjoying lunch and the view from our table...doesn't look like the black flies are bugging him! - added by Joanne

It's a pretty OK view from the lunch table - added by Joanne

Another view of OK Slip Falls. According to one source on the internet the water flowing over OK Slip Falls is dropping 250'. That is definitely higher than Niagara Falls. According to web sources, Horseshoe Falls is mostly on the Canadian side and is 173' tall. The American Falls is between 70 & 100' high. - added by Ray

The last batch of drivers are discussing strategy as they are about to go get their cars at the Ross Pond trail head. - added by Ray

Margie appears to be saying "Pssst! You know, I think our head gear looks much better than everyone elses". On the other hand perhaps she's just whacking a black fly or two. - added by Ray

Pre-hike instructions - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the overlook - added by Wanderer

Painted Trillium - added by Wanderer

Finally, a big THANKS FOR COMING WITH US from Kurt and I to: Larry, Shelly, Rose, Joanne, Margie, Barbara, Katie, Nancy, Candi, Peter, Linda, Don, Tom, Bob, Eric, Ray, Sam, Karin, Doug, Judy and Dale. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Viewing 22 of 58 - 2014


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