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Hurri-Canes Mountain Hike (Hurricane) ~ Aug 29, 2019

Journal entry by Claudia Rosenholtz

How lucky can a “young 72 years old girl” be, able to celebrate her birthday on the summit of Hurricane Mountain?  I was so surprised when I met my 27 guests at CTL. After a quick stop at the welcome center before exit 30 we drove to the trailhead on Route 9N. Being such a large party, Peter decided to sign in my guests into two groups. I was “technically” leading one group and Peter another. There was the faster group and the “stop and smell the roses group” so we were pretty far apart during the hike; reassembling for a group photo on top. For some of us it was the first time hiking the new trail and for others it was the first time on the summit. We had two guests who completed the Fire Tower Challenge - Congratulations!  The trail was in great condition. It is better now, because Steve with his famous ax “manicured” the trail here and there. Needless to say, on the summit it was party time! Big time!  The views were outstanding. Cookies, chocolates and singing. Pictures will tell the “event”. After saying goodbye to the summit, the descent was taken carefully and we were all smiles and happy returning to our cars.  The “Southern Crew” stopped for pizza and pretzels, washed down with cold beer at the Race City Brewery on exit 15 with some of the others stopping at the nearest Stewart’s for treats. What an unforgettable birthday!  What a day!  Thank you all for the wonderful memories! We missed the “two Linda’s” :(:(.

9/1/2019 - Wanderer added 1 photo. 9/2/19 - Lenore Reber added 5 photos. 9/3/19 - Eric Potter added 7 photos.

9/4/19 - Wanderer . added 17 photos. 9/6/19 - Scott Anderson added 1 photo.

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Claudia with her “Happy Birthday Musical Cupcake” next to Peter holding a container of chocolates – what a combo!

Anneliese and Claudia

Denis and Bob – competitors in the “Rip Van Winkle” contest. I think Bob has to be reminded that he is not allowed to eat while sleeping!

In celebration of Claudia’s birthday our group has been renamed the “Hurri-Canes” for the day! Her guests include: Eric, Ed, Scott, Steve, Bob, Bob A, Ray, Margie, Lynn, Fran, Lori, Wendy, Anneliese, Gail, Cathy and her friend Terri, Shelly, Peggy, Kim, Jayne, - the bag people Denis and his daughter Kate, and Claudia (waiting for the helicopter to take them down the mountain) .... and already on their way down the mountain - Lenore & Jack and Joani & Dean – with Peter behind the camera.

Noon snack with the tower in sight. - added by Lenore

Giant steps on Hurricane - added by Lenore

Beautiful view behind the Canes - added by Lenore

Happy birthday, Claudia - added by Lenore

Dean meets a new friend. - added by Lenore

Red Eft on the trail - added by Eric

Rest stop with summit in view - added by Eric

Not a bad vantage point! - added by Eric

View to NW from the tower; Whiteface is over Shelly's red hat - added by Eric

Photo added by Eric

"The Alignment": Big Slide in front of Algonquin. - added by Eric

Our route - 6.5 miles roundtrip on Eric's GPS - added by Eric

Small wetland alongside the trail near the start - added by Wanderer

Crags of Hurricane Mtn. with our destination in view - added by Wanderer

Steve, Peggy and Lenore just beneath the steep part - added by Wanderer

Anneliese at the “big” step and success! - added by Wanderer

Happy hikers at lunch - added by Wanderer

Taking in the mountain views in style – from beneath us. The pilot tipped his wings to say hello – I was just too slow to get a pic. - added by Wanderer

Storm clouds gathering over Rocky Peak Ridge (L) and Giant (R) but it did not rain - added by Wanderer

View N at the Jay Range – scheduled for September 26th - added by Wanderer

View NW at Whiteface Mtn. (13mi) and Esther to the R - added by Wanderer

The Hurri-Canes plus a few other hikers - added by Wanderer

View SW of the High Peaks from Dix Mtn. (L) to Mount Marcy (R) - added by Wanderer

View SW of the Dix Range (L) and Nippletop (R) – the small mountain in-between the two, on the horizon, may be either Boreas or Wolf Pond Mtn. ? - added by Wanderer

C’mon – you can do it! – Steve, Eric and Jayne - added by Wanderer

Work of an ambitious beaver or perhaps Steve the Axeman? - added by Wanderer

Peaceful path - added by Wanderer

Denis and his daughter Kate celebrating their completion of the Fire Tower Challenge – congratulations! - added by Wanderer

Bob and Jayne comparing their tick removal tools – I don’t know about any of you but if I need the one that Bob has I’m not hiking! - added by Wanderer

Eric earlier posted a photo: "The Alignment: Big Slide in front of Algonquin." This is: "The Alignment: Big Slide in front of Hurricane." (Hurricane in the distance as viewed from Algonquin) - added by Scott

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