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Stewart's Bridge Reservoir Paddle ~ Jun 28, 2012

Journal entry by Peter for Doris

Ahoy Mateys! Anyone seeing the Caners amassing their watercraft at the Stewarts Bridge Reservoir this past Thursday would have thought we were a small Navy. Linda and I arrived early only to find Tom was already unpacking. He too decided to go directly to the put-in rather than meeting the group in Luzerne but forgot about the road construction at the dam at the downstream end of the reservoir. When he arrived at the detour sign he opted to take one of his infamous shortcuts instead which added a half an hour to his trip but it didn�t matter because no one was following him and he still managed to arrive early. It wasn�t too long before the vehicles began arriving and soon the large parking area was filled and the colorful dressed sailors started to bring their gear and boats to the shore � but wait, who were all of these people � I don�t recall seeing some of these faces, could it be another paddling group had scheduled an event? No � they were new people who had heard that the Crooked Canes was THE group to be associated with and wanted to join us. There was Maria, Kendra, Thora and Charlie � now what did she say her name was? I could see that this was going to put a strain on an already weak memory but it didn�t stop � there was Carolyn, Chris(tine) and Etta! Tom informed me that Etta was a long time caner but hadn�t been on outing in a long time but to me she was a new person. Oh well � the introductions were made - remembering will have to wait. There were kayaks of all colors, a couple of canoes and Jim with his secret watercraft � a Hobie Cat! He had told me that he had one of these but I had never seen one. It is sort of a modified kayak and instead of using a paddle you actually peddle a mechanism that drives two flippers for propulsion or use a sail. I was skeptical at first but it is actually a very efficient, fast craft and your arms are free to fish, wave to your friends or handout LED flashlights to fellow paddlers. For sure he wasn�t going to get lost because of the tall sail mast at the bow and flags displayed at the stern mast stood out amongst the low profile kayaks. While Doris was the Admiral, Jim would be the unofficial leader of our flotilla! The weather was perfect with blue skies and only a light, occasional wind as the group started to depart in small numbers to start their paddle upstream towards the base of the Conklingville Dam � I looked at my watch and it was only 10:30. I thought it would be easy to get a head count but with all the moving around it was impossible � first I got 19 then 23 then 21 � Tom had the same problem so we gave up until out on the water where we thought it would be easier. Finally, after several attempts I settled in on 25 as the official number � yep 25, and 22 boats. (When I got home and wrote down the names of the people it turned out to be 26 so we are going to get someone to help count in the future.) There was no rush and plenty of time to visit and explore � there was no one that you had to follow so the groups scattered, re-grouped occasionally, only to scatter again to investigate something of interest till we finally reached the base of the dam where we spent some time just enjoying the surroundings and the company of good friends. Eventually we started back for a leisurely trip back to the put-in for lunch. The tables were rather spread out but it was a super place for lunch � shaded and plenty of squirrels on litter patrol, keeping the ground clean of any dropped food. Claire got to try out Jim�s hybrid and seemed to like it until her feet got tangled in a roll of Velcro that Jim had left on the bottom of the boat - she eventually broke herself free and made it back to the shore safely � will she add a new boat to her inventory? With shore leave over we were back on the water, this time heading downstream to the Stewarts Bridge Dam. As before, small groups would split off in whatever direction they wanted often seen zigzagging across the pond. Peter Wood brought his fishing pole and was seen casting quite a bit but I personally think it was his way of getting Donna to do all the paddling. Sure � he did catch a nice smallmouth bass that I was able to get a picture of but I think he was just teasing the Great Blue Heron that kept in front of him along the shore. As in all our paddling outings everyone regrouped at the starting point and while some said their goodbyes, others lingered to enjoy a swim or to continue visiting and making new friends. Thank you Doris for arranging this trip and to all those who attended for making it a memorable day. Peter for Doris 6/30/12 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

14 photos

Amassing at the Beach - by Wanderer

Beginning to Move Out - by Wanderer

Headed for Some Shade - by Wanderer

Just a Little Faster Donna - Please! - by Wanderer

Nice Easy Pace - by Wanderer

Claire - by Wanderer

Admiral Doris - by Wanderer

Fran - by Wanderer

Below the Power Plant - by Wanderer

Below the Conklingville Dam - by Wanderer

Taking a Rest - by Wanderer

Just Chillin - by Wanderer

Hey - 1 out of 300 casts isn't bad! - by Wanderer

Beaver Work - someone has to make sure the dams hold. - by Wanderer

Event's Attendees: Ray, Donna and Peter, Fran, Claire, Rose, Linda, Thora and Charlie, Dorothy, Donna and Dana, Tom, Don, Dale, Pat, Jim I, Irv, Anita, Chris(tine), Etta, Kendra, Maria, Carolyn BTW - Did someone forget a plastic container with some rope and a sponge in it? - let me know - Peter

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