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Saratoga Spa State Park ~ May 9, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber for Tom Gibbs

The threat of rain convinced the eleven Crooked Canes to walk the trails of Spa Park instead of Merck Forest. After explaining the day’s adventure, Tom led us on a lovely walk through spring woods. Starting at the Gideon Putnam Hotel parking lot, we headed past the Reflecting Pool and down to the mineral-made Island Spouter. Following yellow, diamond-shaped “5 mile trail” markers, we walked up along the creek, and mineral wall, up a new stairway and through woods to the southern entrance along Rt. 50. We continued on to a wildlife viewing deck, where our conversation was quieted by the beauty of tall grasses reflected in the still pond. On the lookout for wildflowers, we soon arrived at the newly covered horse manure and park refuse landfill overlooking the marshy and meandering Geyser Brook. Tom reminisced about some of his adventures in this area, causing us to dream of a bike path from here to Ballston Spa or kayaking to the Kayaderosseras. Passing Peerless Pool, we headed to the picnic area by the creek for a relaxing lunch, entertained by a woman calmly training an enthusiastic shepherd by teaching him, on command, to retrieve a ball from the creek. We continued downstream, then up past several ravines, and a brief stop at the park headquarters. We arrived back at the cars at 1:00, thanked Tom for guiding us through the labyrinth of trails and for sharing his knowledge of this natural area in our own backyard.

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Enduring mosquitos behind the Peerless Pool

Eleven happy hikers at the landfill

Lunch by Geyser Brook

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Viewing 20 of 57 - 2013


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