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Blue Ledge Hike - Without Snowshoes! ~ Jul 31, 2015

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Sometimes timing is everything and for the Crooked Canes first ever summer trip to Blue Ledge timing played a big part in making the day enjoyable. Moved from Thursday to Friday, as Thursday's forecast was iffy for the midday hours and Friday's forecast looked pleasant, Thursday proved itself to be a lot worse than iffy with high temperatures, soak-you-quick humidity and good doses of thunder and goose drowning rain. Friday's weather was about as perfect as perfect can be and 11 fortunate Crooked Canes were able to take advantage of it in grand style.

It sure was nice, unlike on winter outings, not to worry much about the almost seven mile drive on Northwoods Club Road to the trail head being snowy, icy, muddy, rutted nor how the road would be at the end of the day making it difficult to get home. Diane didn't even bring along her tire chains, just in case! But, speaking of tire chains, we were reminded by hobble brush and a couple maples changing color that we'll be wanting them again all too soon. But not today and off we went!

There were some damp spots on the trail, but "oh-well" as our attention soon focused on a loon in Huntley Pond. Continuing on, we discovered a whole different world on a trail familiar to most of us only in winter. Our first glimpse of the river, though we could hear the nearby rapids for some time, came only as we were very close to it. Rounding a final corner as the river came into view, Gail's beaming expression was priceless as was the whooping of everyone as they rounded that turn.

Had we been on our usual Thursday schedule, the river level would have been considerably higher due to Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday being rafting days when water is released from dam at Lake Abenake at Indian Lake into the Indian River and consequently the Hudson, raising the level a foot or more in the gorge. We'd probably have had lots of company for lunch at Blue Ledge as it is a favored lunch stop for rafting companies "riding the bubble." While that might have been fun, the serenety of a calm a river all to ourselves certainly had its advantages.

Ed reminisced about fishing "long ago" in the Boreas River (a stream scenic both in the winter and summer, crossed on our way to the trail head on Northwoods Club Road), in Huntley Pond and in the pool at Blue Ledge. Good stories which brought back warm memories. He gained a fishing lure for his collection, found on a rock at lunch. A new hook, a little polishing, good as new!

On our way out, the gentlemen on the trip had a humbling experience. Spotting a large ageing birch they thought was disguised as a climbing wall (photo below) Joy and Diane asked if all of the really hunky he-men on the trip would be so kind as to bring twenty feet or so of the very substantial trunk out to the trail head for them to bring home. We had to admit that we were not quite (but surely almost) up to the task. Another notable event on our way out was Sneaky Ray Bouchard confounding everyone by stealthily weaseling his way to the lead. When he finally said something (guys only speak every twenty minutes), everyone looked back!

Blue Ledge in the summer is well worth the trip. A very nice, relatively easy hike with an excellent reward. Though a bit of a drive, it is very scenic and affords lots of opportunities both coming and going, to make for a very full day.

A full and fun day for Diane & Kurt, Peter, Ray, Ray, Joy, Don, Barbara, Gail, Ed, Jim

8/4/15 - Ray Bouchard added 10 photos.

8/5/15 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

26 photos

Our first sighting! Not out of focus, this is a little known loon sub-species, the Fuzzy Loon.

Diane: "Oh Barb, look! My dear husband's taking another picture of me!" Don: "Oh good golly, lets get moving!"

Joy and Diane's humbling "Climbing Wall Birch"

What a great swimming hole. Poor Lenore missed this one!

Okay, so it's just another picture of a tree on a nugget. But it sure is a substantial tree on a pretty substantial nugget!

Uh, Oh! First sign of winter! Not just one unhealthy hobble bush, there were quite a few like this.

Kind folks enjoying Kind bars on kind of a nice rock by kind of a nice river in kind of a nice place on kind of a lovely day! Thank you Kind!

Kurt enjoys his swim in the Hudson in spite of the cold water. No problem; he has his solar dome to keep him warm. - added by Ray

A view of the Hudson, and Joy, a short distance from our lunch spot. - added by Ray

Without a water release it's a bit "bony" downstream. - added by Ray

Here they are, totally amazed that I was able to pass them without being detected. - added by Ray

Ed and Don waiting patiently. - added by Ray

The other Ray B. - added by Ray

Kurt - added by Ray

Bunches of Bunch Berries. - added by Ray

A "Blue Bead Lily" also known as "Clintonia" along side of the trail. - added by Ray

A rather fractured glacial erratic. - added by Ray

Blue Ledge here we come! - added by Wanderer

Step lightly - added by Wanderer

Huntley Pond - near the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Just a little mud - added by Wanderer

The Gate - added by Wanderer

Thanks for the pic guys! - added by Wanderer

Good time to cross - added by Wanderer

Blue Ledge - added by Wanderer

Our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

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