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Rogers Rock Hike ~ Jun 22, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Even though we found no strawberries this year (but will next year!) the views going to and from the top of Rogers Rock were as ripe as can be and made all the more juicy by a perfect hiking day with mostly clear sky, little wind, temperature in the 70's and a terrific group of friends.

The ride north along the west shore of Lake George is always worthwhile even without a particular purpose but today's ride was special by virtue of anticipation of a hike only a few of us had previously experienced and who knew it would get 5 stars on the LCFA Scale, a slightly better rating than a previous route taken that was rated "Are you out of your mind??? NEVER AGAIN!!!"

The forest, geology and history of the area kept our minds well occupied from long before our arrival at the starting point of our hike until well after we left for the day. Arriving at the top of the rock after a relatively short and not too steep climb through the gorgeous scenery, we set up camp for lunch at the site of a gazebo once located there, built as an amenity to one of the lake's gilded age grand hotels, the Rogers Rock Hotel. The views north and south from the gazebo site are spectacular and kept most of us awake while we enjoyed them on a perfect day. Then, it was off to explore rumored view points to our south, though which was not in our original plan, was now possible as there were no berries to pick today.

We knew there were viewpoints to our south but none of us knew exactly where they were nor if there was a clear path to them. Some in our group had been to them but had come from a different direction and it "had been a while" since they had been there. The maps showed it being only a short way to where the views had to be, so off we went. What could go wrong? After stumbling around and traveling nearly a half mile to find what we thought we'd find in a tenth of a mile from our lunch spot, we did find two good viewpoints very near the edge of Rogers Slide, a cliff most of us have seen before from the lake and which was made famous by Robert Rogers in his flight south following the Battle on Snowshoes. And, though not found on the way in, a good path was found leading us easily back to where we had lunch and to where we began our trip back to our cars via a different route than we had gone up in the morning.

A new outing is generally a fun adventure and this one was especially good, one that hopefully we can do again in the future.

7/1/17 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

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23 photos

There will be a lot of blueberry picking in July!

Scott, John, Rose and Shelly enjoying lunch at the top of the Rock.

Bob, Cathy, Pete and Lori (happy birthday!) on the site of the Rogers Rock Hotel's gazebo.

Shelly, Rose, Lynn, Nancy, Katie, John, Barb, Fran, Linda, Cathy, Rich, Jack, Lenore, Scott, Mike, Sandy, Bob, Lori, Pete, Margie and Diane all having a pretty good day. Hmm...are we missing a person?

AH HA! here's our missing lad! Dennis relaxes on a rock in the bushes.

From one of the southern viewpoints, a view toward the south.

Leaf cutter ants.

It's spring and with it come wild flowers galore! We've seen a bunch of Jack-In-The-Pulpit this year, but here's our first Pete-In-The-Pulpit!

Last minute instructions from Kurt (most people are paying attention but I am not going to mention names of those who are not) - added by Wanderer

Hiking in formation - a requirement of Kurt - added by Wanderer

12,000 newly planted strawberry plants! - added by Wanderer

The invisible tree - added by Wanderer

View looking NE from the summit of Rogers Rock with Cook Mtn to the left and Mt Defiance dead center (much smaller than Cook) - added by Wanderer

Singing happy birthday to Lori - added by Wanderer

Profile of Anthony's Nose with Record Hill the highest on the ridge - added by Wanderer

Birthday girl Lori, Diane, Fran and Sandy - added by Wanderer

Turkey vultures have spotted what they believe is their next meal lying prone on the rocks - will someone please wake Denis! - added by Wanderer

View from just above Rogers slide - added by Wanderer

Denis leading the group through a steep section - added by Wanderer

Big burl on a small tree - added by Wanderer

Almost at the end- great hike Kurt! - added by Wanderer

Historical marker denoting the event in 1758 - added by Wanderer

"Sedges have edges; reeds are round; grasses have joints when the cops aren't around". Thanks Jack!! - added by Rich

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