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Baldface Mountain Paddle/Hike/Paddle ~ Aug 22, 2019

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

What shall we do? How do we balance a newish breezy paddle on Indian Lake with a safe, but ordinary paddle on Lake Abanakee? Let's give it a try! We navigated the Indian Lake Marina quite well, taking turns in the small launch area and finding the parking lot up the steep hill. The main group began the crossing to the east side, fanned apart by the wind. The smaller group then launched, all finally meeting on the sandy beach of Norman's Cove. Most of us took the somewhat muddy trail, which gradually became steeper as we reached the escarpment. In a mile we reached the top of Baldface Mountain and an expansive view up and down the lake and west to the ridge topped by Snowy Mountain. We  lunched, enjoying Mother Nature's rock benches and warm sun.

The increasing clouds and wind encouraged us to descend. Soon back at the beach, we launched our boats without a thought of swimming. We assumed that the nonhikers, Dennis, Ed, and Jerry, were on their way home. The wind was strong, but so were we. We took advantage of the wind angle and brief lulls and made it safely back, most of us satisfied with the workout.   

Most Canes came back to the Rebers' lake house for treats and conversations, and to see how "the project" was coming along. It is finished! Thanks to Donna, Margi, and Lynn for the treats they brought. We hope Kathy, Gail, Nancy, Cathryn, Sharon, Barbara, Bob, Peter, Donna, Linda, Peter, Ed, Jerry, Denis, Claudia, Katie, Donna, Margi, Fran, and Lynn had a memorable Canes outing.   

8/28/19 - Wanderer . added 13 photos.

26 photos

Beached in Norman's Cove and ready to hike.

A pause on the muddy trail wondering when the steep part begins.

A rest before the final climb

Are we there yet?

Lunch overlooking Norman's Cove

Lunch on the rocks

Lunch with a view of Snowy Mountain

Looking across Indian Lake

Preparing to brave the wind

"Windy with occasional gusts," quoth Peter.

Going for seconds? Smart move.

Eating, chatting, relaxing

Donna napping by the food table? Really? Must have been a tough paddle.

Berries of the hobblebush plant – with a bug doing a taste test on one of them - added by Wanderer

“Unicorn Tree” with an owl resting on its head – a very common occurrence - added by Wanderer

Rugged terrain/cliffs below the top - added by Wanderer

Normans Cove below with Blue Mountain on the horizon (R) - added by Wanderer

View W - Snowy Mountain horizon (C) – just shy of a “High Peak” at 3,900’ - added by Wanderer

Just another lunch pic - added by Wanderer

Headed down - added by Wanderer

A mushroom of course – a pretty one at that! - added by Wanderer

Mushroom combo – 2 for 1! - added by Wanderer

Peter – anticipating the crossing in windy conditions …. - added by Wanderer

…. followed by Donna - added by Wanderer

Don’t be scared – just a common dock spider – they are big though! - added by Wanderer

Storytelling time - added by Wanderer

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