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Berry Pond ~ Jun 22, 2012

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

On Friday Fran, Peter, Linda, and I hiked up the road from the Lake George Recreation Center to Berry Pond. We began fairly early, 8:30 AM, to try and beat the heat, but with the temps and exertion on the mile-1 1/2 mile uphill walk, it was pretty warm. However, it was more than worth the effort. The plan was to check out the Great Blue Heron rookery...and we were not disappointed.

Berry Pond looked beautiful with water lilies in bloom, and just upon reaching the pond, a deer in its summer red coat was spotted, then bounded away into the woods. Near the far end, the Heron nests came into view. We counted 3 active nests, with 3 Herons in each. Difficult to discern chicks from adults, being about the same size at this point, although we watched a chick tap Mom's beak and then put the beak right into Mom's for food.

Well, we watched from several vantages, and Peter set up his spotting scope. A thoroughly enjoyable outing with nature....right in our backyard.


6/25/12 - Wanderer . added 3 photos.

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Everywhere, water lilies in bloom on Berry Pond.

Peter, Linda, and's a beautiful day!

Momma and 4 ducklings.

Three Great Blue Heron nests...left, center, and in the distance, lower right.

Without much zoom on my camera, the best I could do for a closeup.

Two nests from a different vantage.

Luna Moth with approx 5"-6" wingspan, beautiful color, found on the trail...unfortunately..deceased.

Herons at Berry Pond - by Wanderer

More Water Lilies on Berry Pond - by Wanderer

Berry Pond Gnome - Guardian of the Heron Nests! He looks mad - perhaps we are trespassing. - by Wanderer

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