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Camp Santanoni Mountain Bike ~ Jun 15, 2017

Journal entry by Shelly Nevard

The Canes hike, paddle, ski, snowshoe and bike but how about mountain biking?  Nineteen plus one answered the challenge and pedaled an assortment of road, hybrid, mountain and rented bikes into Camp Santanoni.  In between days that were hot or rainy we were treated to a glorious day with bright sunshine, low humidity and minimal bugs. We congregated at the gatehouse parking area and set off for our 5 mile ride.  We regrouped at the farm house site and continued on gradually gaining 500 feet over the next 3 miles with a rare stop to fix a chain, a seat or a soft tire.  Then we enjoyed coasting the final 2 miles to the Santanoni Great Camp built by Robert Pruyn.  We spread out, admired the architecture and found our desired lunch spots or took a boat out on Newcomb Lake.  When we were all settled for lunch our one plus Margie arrived and joined the deck group. After a leisurely break we set off for our return.  On the way back some shifted into low gear and biked back uphill and some walked and talked.  The final coast out from the height of land was a blast and it seemed like everyone arrived back at the parking lot with a smile on their face.

6/20/17 - Margie Litwin added 9 photos.

6/24/17 - Wanderer . added 18 photos.

29 photos

The group is ready to go - added by Shelly

Paddlers on Newcomb Lake - added by Shelly

The yellow swallowtail butterflies were lively and plentiful, this one feeding at a Labrador tea plant. - added by Margie

Newcomb Lake seen from the Duck Hole bridge. - added by Margie

Scott, Linda, Rich, Barbara and Peter savoring the perfect day and conversation from the Great Camp porch. - added by Margie

Eeks, a HUGE SPIDER exclaimed a fellow (non- Caner) visitor! Actually a well preserved Dragonfly nymph case left intact high in the porch rafters. - added by Margie

Shelly and Fran reluctantly leaving the peaceful lake side view. - added by Margie

Shelly taking a look at the model of the elaborate barn which burned and will hopefully be re-built. The model was meticulously crafted by the husband of a Pruyn family descendant. - added by Margie

A bright Blue-eyed Grass - added by Margie

1913 newspaper at the Farmhouse. - added by Margie

The lovely flow into Harris Lake behind the Gatehouse. - added by Margie

Large patch of Devil's Paintbrush flowers greeted us in the field next to the parking lot (thanks Mike for pointing them out) - added by Wanderer

Organized chaos! - added by Wanderer

Second wave getting started with Deb and Jim in the lead .... - added by Wanderer

.... Linda and Ken .... - added by Wanderer

... Barbara and Rich .... - added by Wanderer

.... and the sweeps - Diane and Kurt - added by Wanderer

Tree trimming just past the Farm Complex with Ken and Kurt supervising (for all of you interested in chainsaws - he is using a 4' bar!) - added by Wanderer

The Creamery at the Farm Complex - added by Wanderer

The Gardener's Cottage at the Farm Complex - Glenn having finished checking it out - added by Wanderer

Some Lady Slippers off the path from the Great Camp to the Artist's Studio - added by Wanderer

Another view of some of our group having lunch on the porch of the Great Camp - added by Wanderer

Just one of the many views of Newcomb Lake from the shore in front of the Great Camp and surrounding property - added by Wanderer

Cedar tree searching for some ground - added by Wanderer

Just an idyllic scene - added by Wanderer

Linda next to the main fireplace - added by Wanderer

View of Lower Duck Hole from the bridge separating it from Newcomb Lake - added by Wanderer

I think he's got the right-of-way! - added by Wanderer

View of Goodnow Mountain looking SW from the bridge between Belden and Harris Lake on the Newcomb Lake road (If you look real close you may see the tower) - added by Wanderer

Our group today:  Shelly, Diane & Kurt, Scott, Barbara & Rich, Maria, Ken, Glenn, Gail, Ed, Margie, Fran, Linda & Peter, Mike M, Jim R, and newcomers Jim Swart and Deborah & Jim Melilio

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