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Rich,Belden & Harris Lakes Paddle ~ Aug 15, 2019

Journal entry by Joanne & Claire

Herding Cats

21 people convened on a quintessential Adirondack summer day; about 80 degrees, sunny with puffy clouds, for the through paddle in Newcomb beginning in Rich Lake, through little Belden, and ending in Harris Lake.  Naturally, when you have a large group, some of whom began at CTL, others who drove themselves to Cloudsplitter to rent kayaks, and others meeting us up there, and then having to spot cars you’re bound to have a touch of chaos.  But with a cheerful group (and a little waiting and whining) we were on the water at 11 a.m. (BTW, checking the last time we did this paddle in July 2014 we left CTL at 8:15 and were on the water at 11 with only 10 people -- so timing is pretty spot on despite the larger group and on-site meet-ups).

This is an easy, pleasant paddle with some fun little rocky rapids that everyone enjoyed.  Water at this time of year was quite low but despite a few rock scrapings we were able to pass through. Margie brought her wheels for the portages and there was widespread agreement that, though not essential, small, easily transported wheels are an asset. 

We enjoyed lunch at Santanoni (though it’s good Rebers didn’t attend because it was a “late lunch” at about 1 pm).  We wished Lynn’s son Chris a happy birthday, and were glad he was able to join us –all the way from Istanbul!   And we’re so glad to have Jan and Jim back! Claire decided to run the “Peter Rapids” in front of Santanoni, rather than portage.  Yippee…Success! if you’re wondering about the reference.  

After passing across Harris Lake some of the group chose to swim on the sandy beaches (there are 3 to choose from) and a couple of others headed for the take-out to get home for commitments.  Margie departed early to see “Hamilton” and had left her car at the Harris Lake public beach and boat launch.  We discovered that this is an ideal place for future trips for this paddle.  Parking is free and abundant , the boat launch is an easy “in”-easy “out”, and we are allowed to swim at the lovely beach. (And it is just beyond our friends at Cloudsplitter for anyone who might want to rent-- though one of our whimpy renters whined about sore shoulders from heavy “plastic boats”. To that I say “welcome to my world”).

All paddlers were off the water at 4 pm, and the car chaos began, getting everyone back to their cars, and loading 20 kayaks.  It was a great, convivial group and a spectacular day to be in such a pristine setting.

Thanks for coming:  Jan & Jim, Linda Frees, Shelly, Gail, Fran, Lynn and her son Chris, Mike and his cousin Bonnie, Sharon, Nancy C, Cathy G, Cathy C, Margie, Sandy, Ed, Linda & Peter, Claire , Joanne

8/18/19 - Margie Litwin added 3 photos. 8/21/19 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

40 photos

Happy to be on the water!

Sweet little decorative cairns on Rich Lake shoreline

Bonnie, Sandy & Ed

Nancy and Chris

Cardinal flowers were on full display

Maybe this is why it's called elephant limestone?

Approaching foot bridge #1

Welcome back Jim and Jan! Jim is showing us his wrist is in fine shape :)

Ed & Cathy G

Gail catching some rays and contemplating the scenery

This little tree makes its home on a big rock in Belden

The oracle speaks

Fran enjoying her string bean lunch

Lunch at Santanoni

Margie & Linda

Cathy G, Shelly & Gail


Birthday guy Chris from Istanbul with mom Lynn

Claire entering the rapids!

Looking like she may not make it with all those rocks

Eureka! Success as the group awaits

Ready to launch at Rich Lake - added by Margie

Lunch spot at Santanoni Gate House - added by Margie

Newcomb Town Beach -so inviting with its lovely large swimming area and facilities - added by Margie

Prep time at the launch on Rich Lake - added by Wanderer

Lining up for the group photo - added by Wanderer

A lonesome cardinal flower - added by Wanderer

Cedars along the shoreline of Rich Lake - added by Wanderer

Root art - added by Wanderer

Some of our group - added by Wanderer

A herd of elephants along the shore of Rich Lake - added by Wanderer

View upstream from the first portage - added by Wanderer

Portages are never as much fun as paddling - added by Wanderer

Joanne in control (Mike and Ed following) - added by Wanderer

Lynn’s son Chris making his way through some minor rapids - on vacation from Turkey where he lives with his wife. Happy Birthday Chris! - added by Wanderer

Stealth hunter - added by Wanderer

The Crooked Canes Armada on Harris Lake - added by Wanderer

Beach time near the outlet to Harris Lake. Some of the group decided to swim at an adjoining beach. - added by Wanderer

We have always known that Joanne sees the world differently than most of us – could this be part of the reason or are single lens sunglasses a new fad? - added by Wanderer

Sayin good-bye! - added by Wanderer

Beautiful day for a paddle through pristine setting with a convivial group.  Aren't we fortunate?

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