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Second Pond ~ Jun 14, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hi Everyone,

I guess it didn’t matter what you chose to do today as long as it was outdoors – the weather was perfect! For Linda, Don, Tom, Ray, Jim R, Katie and Ray, Karen, Lynn, Jim I, Ann, Nancy, Diane and Fran they had a chance to enjoy a terrific wood’s walk under blue skies, pleasant temperatures, very little bugs and good company.

From our normal WCMC meeting venue we caravanned to Wevertown where we met Nancy and Diane and then travelled to the trailhead where the rest of the group awaited our arrival. After the helloes and application of sun screen (that is a good sign) and bug spray our party of 15 was on our way. There was a pretty beaver pond on the outlet of Chatiemac Pond outlet only a short way from the trailhead to greet us and to set the stage for a most enjoyable hike. The trail was merely a path meandering through the often dense new growth of ferns and other lush green plants and the canopy of leaves on the branches of the thick forest provided mostly a shaded route, except for the occasional opening and sunlight, all the way to our lunch spot on the shore of Second Pond. There were quite a few wet areas along the way to slow travel enough that the group got spread out a few times so by the time the last of the crew arrived at the pond, lunch was underway.

The first thing you will notice about this trip report is that it is rather straightforward – for me that is unusual because there weren’t any mishaps to report, and no one got lost . Nancy did try to liven things up at lunch by modeling some new outdoor women’s lingerie, direct from Cabelas new “Evening Apparel Department”. Not only can you use the ¾ length sheer netting garment as sleepwear but it serves well as mosquito netting. She commented that “you don’t have to wear as much” when you hike. Her husband must like it too because he bought a case of them. Sorry – no pictures.

Great hike everyone!


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Beaver Pond Near the Trailhead


Wow - Linda in the Lead!

Lunch on the Shore of Second Pond

Second Pond Looking NE

Second Pond Looking SW

Rock and Roots

Trailside Stream

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