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Beaver Meadow Falls ~ Apr 25, 2013

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber for Tom Gibbs

The cool, blue sky weather, gushing streams, and mountain views treated the Crooked Canes to a perfect High Peaks experience. Eleven hikers chose to follow Kurt on the West Side trail along the Ausable River, which was roaring, speeding, and foaming through gorges, over waterfalls, around islands, bumping boulders, and gnawing at the banks. The trail wound steadily up, with roots for steps, trees for obstacles, and large purple-red fungi for beauty. Simple, elegant bridges or rocks helped us cross tributaries. Increasingly sunny and warming weather encouraged a relaxing lunch at the frothing and plunging Beaver Meadow Falls. Tom led a group of eight up the Lake Road. The hikers posed for a photo on the bridge over the torrent of GIll Creek. A side trip to The Flume provided another water spectacle. Arriving at the falls first, the group ate lunch accompanied by a symphony of splashing. Previously shed clothing was replaced in the cool valley. Both groups shared their adventures before beginning the hike back to the cars. The first half of the return trip, down the narrow East Side trail, required careful attention to footing. Continuous ups and downs, slippery leaves and roots and occasional icy patches made the chance of a misstep into the raging torrent below seem very real. The second half of the trail was a lovely walk in the woods, but no wildflowers poked their heads through the leaves. The final sunny mile past the Ausable Club and homes, gazing at snow streaked Giant, made a tantalizing ending. Thank you, Tom, for leading this seven-mile hike.

4/26/13 - Bonnie Whitman added 4 photos.

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On the bridge at Gill Creek

The Flume

Beaver Meadow with Sawtooth Mountain in background

Tom at the falls

Photo by Jack

The daring ones. - added by Bonnie

Our fearless leader explaining the 2 routes. - added by Bonnie

The roaring brook. - added by Bonnie

Lets see whats down there.... - added by Bonnie

Fungus growing around a tree.

This one is for Ray!

The West Trail Gang

Photo by Lenore

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