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Lake Abanakee Paddle ~ Jul 16, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Twenty-five Crooked Canes took advantage of the beautiful day, new paddle, and the enticement of cookies, to meet at Lake Abanakee. The pleasure was enhanced by having Tom and Don with us, as well as some folks who have recently joined our fantastic group. The launch site was lovely but narrow, parking was tight and the bathrooms a little way down the road at the beach. In spite of this, we put in 22 boats without incident. We were happy to see the Westcotts arrive, but they felt they should be their own group because their granddaughter had never kayaked before. The armada headed up Lake Abanakee, under the Route 28, looking at lake front homes and enjoying the peacefulness of the remaining wild areas. On an island we saw a large, windswept osprey nest which seemed abandoned, but last week had ospreys in it. Then it was "low bridge", as we paddled under Big Brook Rd. and saw an osprey sitting on a platform nest, mildly screeching. Lunchtime was approaching, so the paddlers made quick work of the final push to the lovely spot where the Indian River becomes Lake Abanakee. Finding a resting place for our craft was no problem for this group, and we enjoyed watching the cascading water as we ate lunch. A few adventurous folks walked up the trail along the Indian River, enjoying the major rapids and volume of water in a pristine setting. Of course, Jack went for a swim, but the Indian River is colder than Adirondack Lake. After launching, some hardy folks paddled upstream as far as the current and rocks would allow (not far) and then rode the current back into the lake. Now heading downstream, some of us had the pleasure of watching loons. Having worked up an appetite, most Canes were able to make the five minute drive to Jack and Lenore's project, which has come a long way since seen last summer. We enjoyed cookies and juice, and treats from Karen and Jan. Entertainment was provided by three fun loving guys go swimming off the dock, pretending to be mermen shooting straight up out of the water. We sang Happy Birthday to Jack, who hits a significant decade on Sunday.

Lake Abanakee was created by a dam on the Indian River built about 1950 and we paddled 3.75 miles of its four mile length. The dam is a quarter mile downstream from our launch. The dam releases water at 10:00 AM, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so that outfitters can take tourists on rafting trips. When the lake level drops 4 inches, water is released from Indian Lake to restore Abankee's water lever.

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29 photos

Launch site

The armada afloat

The Westcotts

Osprey nest and Diane

Low bridge

Gathering for the final push to lunch

Lunch landing

Dave and Mary eager to land

So many boat choices for Rose

Lovely lunch spot

A walk along the rapids

Indian River rapids

Sam dreaming of cookies

Jim and Jan reflecting

Rapids runners

Butterfly Kurt

Relaxing on the deck

Synchronized mermen

At the end of the paddle. - added by RayH

A contemplative Group Leader Lenore reviews the fleet. - added by Diane

Pickerel Weed blossoms. - added by Diane

Who knew the Starship Enterprise was really a mushroom domiciled on the Indian River upstream from Lake Abenakee? About the size of a dime and growing from the end of a quarter inch size limb. Amazing what those Hollywood guys can turn something like this in to! - added by Diane

An adult Osprey with a young one still in the nest. - added by RayB

Does anyone know which way to go? - added by RayB

The decision was finally made to go that-a-way and off they went. Karen & Leon seem to be in the lead at the moment but look at the spray coming off Margie's paddle. Jim & Jan are whippin' up a storm too so I think this race is too darn close to call. - added by RayB

A water gauge station on a calm section of the Indian River. - added by RayB

Kurt doesn't seem to mind getting down and dirty when it comes to framing that perfect picture. - added by RayB

Another casual scene on the Reber's back deck. - added by RayB

I suspect that many of you returning to the Lake George area and south will recognize this scene on the south bound lane of the Adirondack Northway. For those that weren't aware, we were stuck in traffic for an hour between exits 22 and 20. This is the charred remains of the tour bus out of Canada that was the cause of it all. As you can see in my side mirror, 3 lanes of traffic had been reduced to one in this stretch. I considered myself lucky though, compared to the poor guy in the pickup truck behind me. He ran out of gas and had to push his vehicle onto the shoulder. - added by RayB

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