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Stewart's Bridge Reservoir Paddle ~ Jul 28, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

Every so often Mother Nature cuts us a break and today was one of those days. Except for a very brief, refreshing shower close to the end of our paddle we had a partly cloudy day and calm winds for our sixteen paddlers. Stewart’s Pond, as it is known to the locals, is a gem of a paddle.  It is relatively close drive for most of us, has easy access with a couple of launch sites to choose from, plenty of parking and picnic tables for lunch.  The water is clean and great for swimming and although motor boats are allowed, it isn’t busy during the week and the few boats we saw gave us a wide berth. 

It is only a short drive from our meeting place in Lake Luzerne and when we arrived there were already a few people unloading their boats.  Everyone joined in to help one another and we were soon paddling.  As in the past, we broke into smaller groups to explore at different speeds and while the majority paddled downstream before lunch, Joanne decided to explore in a group all by herself and paddle upstream first.  Actually she likes the upstream section better and she was focused on locating the eagles that normally reside between the put-in and the Conklingville Dam – plus she had to leave around noon.  The downstream portion is slightly a longer paddle and if my judgment was right we would be back to the launch close to noon for lunch.  Although we were never out of sight from one another we did get to explore on our own and leapfrog to join up with someone to visit with if we wanted – all at a relaxed pace.  When we reached the downstream turnaround point Cathy and Paul decided that it was time to cool off and enjoy a swim. It was just a fun paddle and we made it back to the launch at 11:55 – not a bad estimate! 

Joanne was there to report that the eagles were in their nest so she was thrilled but had to run. The rest of us had a leisurely lunch before we headed back out for our paddle upstream to the eagles and the dam.  Tom had afternoon commitments so we said goodbye and were off – with most of the group leaving the stragglers in the dust (or spray from their paddles?).  I have to agree that the upstream section is prettier than the downstream section – just a feeling of being wilder – perhaps because the shore it is almost entirely woods.  We eventually caught site of the dam and the faster group mulling around the dam but at the same time noticed that some “weather” was rolling in from the west.  We weren’t sure what we were in for so everyone decided to cut the visit of the dam short and return to the launch.  I guess you could call it a false alarm because the shower was short lived and actually cooled things down a little.  On the way back Karen paddled over to get a close-up of the eagles – one parent and two young ones that appeared close to trying out flying.  Most of the group had already visited the nest on their way upstream so we all headed back.  It wasn’t a long distance that remained but we did linger some – watching a group of kids using one of the rope swings on the shore having lots of fun.  Everyone made it back safely and after the boats were loaded some had time for some swimming before we said our goodbyes until our next adventure.

8/2/16 - Barbara Zuccaro added 14 photos. 8/10/16 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

20 photos

Upon arriving at the launch site at Stewart's Reservoir I was surprised to see a small grave plot. - added by Barbara

Irena was only 6 years old when she died on March 23, 1844 and we can remember her 172 years later by her headstone. - added by Barbara

Joy & Tom getting ready to Kayak - added by Barbara

A Stone Fish for the legendary Stone Soup - added by Barbara

Great day with Great views! - added by Barbara

Cathy - added by Barbara

Barbara - added by Barbara

Linda & Pete - added by Barbara

Stewart's Dam - added by Barbara

Diane - added by Barbara

Joy climbing out of her kayak - added by Barbara

Conklingville Dam! Here comes the rain! - added by Barbara

A gentle rain to help cool us off! - added by Barbara

High in the tree tops to the left, an eagle's nest and just to the upper left of that, an eagle can be seen from a great distance. - added by Barbara

Leon in the flagship being escorted by Linda and Rich - added by Wanderer

Barbara approaching the Stewart's Bridge Dam. She was trying to get close enough to read the sign and was surprised to read "DANGER - If you are close enough to read this sign you are on your way over the dam" - luckily she was fast thinking and even faster at paddling and avoided taking a ride.

Some of our group with Jeffers Mt as a backdrop. Those bare rock outcroppings look very tempting as a destination! I believe the last time it was done by the Cane's was back in 2005. - added by Wanderer

Kurt's private dock - added by Wanderer

Some of the group at lunch with Mark, Director of Crooked Canes Expedition Support Services, supervising. - added by Wanderer

The rest of the group! - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Paul A, Barbara and Rich, Diane and Kurt, Linda and Peter, Barbara D, Joanne, 2 more Lindas, Joy, Tom, Karen and Leon, Cathy C

I would like to point out that Tom departed after lunch and he reported back that evening that he experienced a torrential downpour with strong winds at the time we had only showers and he was only 10 miles north of us at the time!  Location, location, location!

Viewing 40 of 79 - 2016


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