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Kane Mt., Stewart and Indian Lakes ~ Nov 22, 2011

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Eight people braved the sunny weather on this Tuesday event to help Lenore and Jack with their Fire Tower Challenge. We hiked the short trail to the Kane Mountain fire tower and cabin, where we enjoyed a snack and great views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. Among the highlights were Camel Hump Mountain and Canada Lake. Fog marked the Mohawk River in the distance.

We returned to the parking lot and travelled a cross-country ski trail to the two lakes. We passed by Stewart because we were hungry and ate lunch at Indian Lake about 1:00. Ken spotted a beaver swimming across the lake. There were three ducks that were too far away to identify. We followed a short trail by the lake's edge to a large rock formation. The sun was fading behind oncoming clouds and it began to get chilly. We started back and took a detour on the way to Stewart Lake, then returned to the car for a ride to Stewart's ice cream.

We had a great time on this seven mile trip and were ready to replace the calories that we burned this Thursday, Thanksgiving. Thanks to Claire, Fran, Linda and Peter, Tom, and Ken for sharing this day with us.

11/22/11 - Ken Gericke added 5 photos.

5 photos

Brook crossing on the trail.....can you hear it babbling? - by Ken

Ferns and mosses, most beautiful shades of green. - by Ken

Indian Lake - by Ken

Ice on Indian Lake - by Ken

Golden marsh on Indian Lake - by Ken

Viewing 17 of 21 - 2011


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