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Snow Mountain ~ Dec 4, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

No snow on Snow mountain, but sun and babbling water were plentiful. Nancy, Candy, Pete and Donna helped Lenore achieve a two year goal. Finding the trailhead was the most difficult part of this 4.17 mile hike, although the rock scrambling at the top was a close second. Most of the trail was along babbling brooks, with some sparkling ice formations on rocks and waterfalls. Part of the Deer Brook Trail has eroded and is diverted to a fairly steep dirt road, but we soon entered the woods again and hiked on a moderately ascending tote road along a creek to near the summit. The last two tenths were quite high, steep ledges of mossy bedrock, with tree handholds and views of Rooster Comb. We ate on a ledge facing southeast, with close-up views of Giant, the Ausable Club, and the mist pouring down the valley below. The spring breeze that welcomed us at the top began to feel more like a fall wind, so we walked to the nearby summit. Pete added a rock to the cairn, and we headed down, using hands, feet and butts to maneuver over the ledges. We stopped to admire a large waterfall slightly off trail and wondered if our friends below Exit 30 had such a lovely, partly sunny day. We think Snow is a lovely mountain, that we should reconnoiter a through hike including Rooster Comb, and that a snowshoe would be great except for the final ascent.

13 photos

Deer Brook

Nancy in sun with misty Ausable Club behind.

Lenore in front of snowless Giant.

Lunch before noon!

Pete adding to summit cairn.

Rooster Comb.

Tricky descent!

Mother Nature's infinite designs.

Can you see the ice and flowing water?

Happy hikers.

Viewing 66 of 70 - 2012


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