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Rooster Comb -- Snow Mountain Thru Hike ~ Nov 20, 2013

Journal entry by Wanderer

Scheduling a bonus outing on a Wednesday is risky – many people need to have a day between outings to rest up. Knowing that the Lake Ann hike, scheduled for the next day was relatively easy, I was fairly certain that I wouldn’t be hiking alone - but you never know. More importantly, I had planned this as a thru hike so I needed at least 6 people to justify using two cars. I lucked out when I arrived at the WCMC and saw Barbara, Lynn, Joanne, Lenore and Ray waiting! Off we went.

Many of you have most likely hiked Rooster Comb and Snow separately or maybe as a loop as I have but not as a thru hike. I personally like thru hikes because you don’t retrace your steps – or at least most of the route. After dropping off passengers at the Rooster Comb parking lot south of Keene Valley I was shuttled off to the Deer Brook trailhead to leave my car for the return. It didn’t take long to prepare – snowshoes weren’t required but everyone made sure that they had some sort of traction aid in their pack – Microspikes the preferred choice. It was a cold start but with full sun and bright blue skies spirits were high. It wasn’t long before we walked past the pond behind the Keene Valley Central School – with its skim coat of ice, and as we continued, the crunch of ice needles could be heard beneath our boots – winter was on the way. The trail was in super condition with evidence of lots of trail work being done including rock and log stairways. We made good time over the frozen ground, not requiring Microspikes for the ascent. There is a great overlook before you get to the actual summit of Rooster Comb so we spent the extra time to check it out and use it as a rest stop. It wasn’t long before we had made it the rest of the way to the summit of Rooster Comb in time for lunch and enjoy the panoramic views and loads of sun. It was especially clear and you could even see the profiles of mountains in Vermont, looking east past the shoulder of Giant - one of those WOW times on a summit. Time passed quickly and we put on our Microspikes and retraced our steps back to the main trail and hiked on to Snow Mt.

The trail to Snow from Rooster Comb is essentially a descent, except for the half mile spur trail that takes you steeply to its summit. This section proved difficult on the way up and treacherous on the way down with all the exposed rock covered in a layer of ice. The views from the top of Snow were dominated by Giant, Round and Noonmark with great views of the rock face of Rooster Comb – well worth the effort. We were soon on our last leg of the hike but we decided to take a side trip to Deer Brook Falls before making our way back to the shuttle car. While the falls weren’t as spectacular as in the spring, they were flowing pretty good with lots of ice accenting its long cascade. The last part of the trail was easy and gave us time to reflect on a wonderful day in the Adirondacks – tired, but a good tired.


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Students in Keene Valley are fortunate to have a beautiful place like this in their own backyard. Yes, that's ice on the pond. - added by Ray

A large collection of "Ice Needles" formed along the edge of a bank. - added by Ray

In honor of such a beautiful day, albeit a bit chilly, Peter asked Lenore to lead us in a period of quiet reflection.... - added by Ray

.....and so she did. (OK, OK, that's not what they actually said, but their expressions seemed to fit the captions.) - added by Ray

Peter decides to give us some last minute instructions before we continue on.... "OK ladies do you see that boulder behind me? Well as your leader, I'm telling you that the trail goes between the two hemlocks so start climbing..." - added by Ray

...and up and over they went. (And if you believe that story, I'll tell you another.) - added by Ray

Peter suggested that we vote on which trail to take. - added by Ray

Ah, lunch at last. Barbara was the only one smart enough to bring a hot one. - added by Ray

Lynn enjoying the sunshine. - added by Ray

Joanne is on the summit of Rooster Comb Mt. patiently waiting for the picture taking to end so she can eat her lunch. - added by Ray

I think Lenore said something to the effect that if I took her picture she would..... ...Click. - added by Ray

A solitary birch on the top of Rooster Comb. - added by Ray

Lunch is over and we begin the descent as we hike towards Snow Mt. - added by Ray

If you listen carefully you can hear the tinkling of Mother Nature's Xylophone. - added by Ray

Look at the lag screws holding the signs at a trail intersection. - added by Ray

Looking back on Rooster Comb as we approach Snow Mt. Lunch was on the bare rock outcropping. According to an article on the internet the long, rocky ridgeline of this mountain resembled the comb of a rooster until it became overgrown with trees. - added by Ray

As seen from Snow Mt.: Round Mt. is on the left, with the pointy top of Noonmark Mt. to its right. - added by Ray

Giant Mt. as viewed from Snow Mt. - added by Ray

We saw many icy, watery cascades as we followed Deer Brook back to Rt. 73. - added by Ray

That's quite the elevated walkway! - added by Wanderer

Natural Stairway ...... Not - added by Wanderer

Amazing! - added by Wanderer

Season's First Ice - added by Wanderer

Decisions, Decisions - added by Wanderer

Kudos to the Trail Crew! - added by Wanderer

Giant of the Valley - added by Wanderer

Great Range and Marcy - added by Wanderer

What's up with them sleeping? - added by Wanderer

Keene Valley, Jay Range and Hurricane Mt. - added by Wanderer

The Brothers, Cascade and Porter - added by Wanderer

Slippery Crossing - added by Wanderer

Round, Noonmark and Dix Mts. - added by Wanderer

Giant and the Nubble (far right) - added by Wanderer

Tricky Descent - added by Wanderer

Slick Ice - added by Wanderer

Trailside Cascade - added by Wanderer

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