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Moose Mountain Pond ~ Nov 20, 2014

Journal entry by Karen Burka

Such a wonderful day in the North Hudson area for a walk in the woods with 22 other CC'ers. It seemed like this was a new hike and a new area to explore for most of the participants. The majority of the 7 miles RT covered was through beautiful hemlock forests. The gentle terrain made for a pleasant walk and easy conversation. From time to time, we hiked along "flows" and even came upon a nice waterfall. One spot had a beaver dam, and several beaver huts could be seen. After arriving at the lean-to, some people enjoyed lunch in the surrounding area and some got cozy inside the lean-to. (Yes, a BIG fire in the fire pit would have put the "icing on the cake.") The shore of Moose Mountain Pond and a view of Moose Mountain was a short stroll from the lean-to. There was also a nice campsite by the shore. (The "luxury" outhouse was an unexpected surprise!) Throughout the day, we had some sun & blue sky and some clouds & light snow showers (and once, at the lean-to, it seemed like we had sun and snow flurries at the same time!). One group started back ahead of another group. On the return, the last group made another stop at the waterfall to see the ice platelets Kurt had taken a picture of. Most of them had frozen together, but Kurt managed to wrestle a loose one from the water. After a decision was made that it would make a nice serving platter, he carried it back to the cars and served "apres hike" snacks! It was certainly nice seeing everyone yesterday and spending time together. Thank you to Jack & Lenore, Kurt & Diane, Jim & Jan, Pat, Mike, Donna Wood, Barbara Blum, Fran, Lynn, Denis, Jo-Ellen, Ray Bouchard, Ray Boucher, Gail, Margie, Leon & Karen, Peter & Linda.

11/21/14 - Diane and Kurt Wisell added 4 photos.

11/29/14 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos.

11/29/14 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos.

11/30/14 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

12/3/14 - Karen Burka added 2 photos.

28 photos

A pretty waterfall about a mile from the trailhead. Snowy with a bit of early season ice. Note the circles at the bottom of the photo. - added by Diane

Zoomed in on the ice circles amid foam from the previous photos. Somehow we suspect one of these will show up as folks post photos later on. Denis surmised they were actually relics from the Irish' first arrival in the New World: Pre-Waterford Celtic porcelain. - added by Diane

Our host, Karen. Thanks for a great day! - added by Diane

The lone rooster in the hen house regaled by uproarious cackling. - added by Diane

Who said that moss only grows on the north side of a tree. Note the lush, thick growth. - added by RayB

A beaver dam holds back Berrymill Stream, creating an area known as Berrymill Flow. - added by RayB

Someone used a black marker to adjust the signage. Just another reason to carry your own map and a compass when on the trail. - added by RayB

Kurt claimed he was stretching because his back ached. Personally, I think he was up to no good. - added by RayB

Kurt getting ready to serve desert using one of Mother Nature's special pre-chilled platters. After all, you want the candy to melt in your mouth, not in your hand. - added by RayB

Hey everybody, a special chilled desert is now being served in the dining room. - added by RayB

Group at the trailhead - Donna is hiding behind Diane - added by Wanderer

A little snow to dress up our rest stop - added by Wanderer

Berrymill Brook - added by Wanderer

Cascade on Berrymill Brook - added by Wanderer

An old wood's road - our path for now - added by Wanderer

Our leader Karen with a few stragglers - added by Wanderer

Just a pretty forest path - added by Wanderer

Follow the leader - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the lean-to .... - added by Wanderer

... or lunch on the ground - Diane and Donna .... - added by Wanderer

... or lunch on a log - Lenore, Jack, Lynn, Pat and Mike - added by Wanderer

First Ice - added by Wanderer

Along the shore from the lean-to - added by Wanderer

Moose Mt Pond with some blue sky! - added by Wanderer

Kurt selecting his serving platter made from ice - he looks happy but needs to have it inspected - added by Wanderer

Karen performing a quality control inspection - good to go! - added by Wanderer

Nice picture of Jim & Jan by the waterfall! - added by Karen

Watch Out...You never know who (or what) is watching!!! - added by Karen

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