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The A-TEAM! On The Hudson ~ Dec 14, 2016

Journal entry by Ghost Writer For Tom And Don

"The A-TEAM On The Hudson" was a wonderful outing along the Hudson at Schuylerville, a location of great historic significance with an attraction at every turn. With a chilly, snowy forecast on the horizon, moving our outing from Thursday to today was a delight for nineteen Crooked Canes taking advantage of a relatively warm, crystal clear day.

Many of us had been to some of the places along this walk; fewer had been to them all, at least not on the same day or in the company of so many friends and it is doubtful most of us had been there in the company of guides as well versed in area history as are Tom & Don. Starting at the General Philip Schuyler home (version three since the Seven Years War) we traveled north on 6 or so inches of fairly new, generally loose snow (as had quite a variety of critters in the past few days) along the Champlain Canalway Trail. Nary a root or rock did we trip over as we followed the original Champlain Canal, opened in 1823, parallel to the Hudson toward Lock 5 and the Hudson Crossing Park.

Finding an open restroom at the park was a major treat and we then continued up river on the Eagle Point Trail, running out of land at Eagle Point and the dam holding water allowing Hudson River navigation to continue on the upper side of the lock, a scenic location with views of a lot of old concrete begging answers to who, what, when and why. We returned to the lock via the River Walk Sensory trail located along the river side of the point, viewing more-than-plenty of geese, the site of Burgoyne's "Bridge Of Boats" (as in "Hudson Crossing" Park) and the quick water travelers on the river are able to by-pass via the lock. Picnic tables at the lock, some covered, provided a level lunch spot (and that welcome restroom again) which would have been very comfortable had wind not chosen to join us for lunch. Nearby, the fully enclosed "like a greenhouse" cabin of a restored canal boat on display looked VERY inviting but was uncomfortably inaccessible. Joanne offered "communion" in the form of peanut stuffed dates picked up in Dubai on her most recent globe trot. Soon we were off to the point of our beginning at the General Schuyler House to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.

A fun, relaxed, informative outing thanks to Joy & Mark, Karen & Leon, Claire & Kirk, Etta, Dale, Mike, Diane, Joanne, Jim, Jan, Linda, Joyce, Dennis, an incognito Ghost Writer and our outing leaders, Tom and Don.

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Here we are! In front of the General Schuyler House.

General Schuyler's wood fired pizza ovens at the back of the house.

Canes along the original Champlain Canal.

Tom: "Hey Don, remember the day we watched Burgoyne's army cross the river right here?" Don: "I think it was a kayak we watched last summer."

From the days when signs were built to last.

the march from the parking area to the Schuyler house - added by joy

along the hudson - added by joy

We weren't the only ones having lunch at the park... - added by joy

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