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"Undo-The-Turkey" Trot ~ Nov 24, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

This year's edition of “Undo-The-Turkey Trot" that on any other day of the year would simply be called a "Prospect Mountain Through Hike" was an enjoyable, calm, relaxed walk in the woods on a trail, that to many of we 21 Crooked Canes who were there, is as familiar and comforting as a faithful old friend and coming day after the opening gong of the holiday season it was the calm, safe water below the falls.

Good friends and near perfect mid-November weather was just what we'd hoped for as we set out from the Lake George Rec Area, our first destination being the summit of Prospect Mountain. Though pleasantly warm in the sun, it remained cold enough in the shadows to preserve ice here and there and the trail occasionally decorated with ice needles and frost flowers. We traversed the now quiet, sunny summit parking lots in the company of only ourselves. No worries today about watching out for cars, bikes, snowmobiles and the DEC bus and jaundicing our anticipation of lunch just a few minutes away.

At the summit, there was a cool breeze so we opted for the picnic area as our lunch spot and though the breeze there was not much less than at the summit, we spread out and found some shelter and sun in the terrain, everyone enjoying good view in one direction or another.

As often happens on outings during the holidays we are joined by family members and it is always a treat! The Zuccaros provided us the pleasure of seeing daughter Amy who we had not seen since Peaked Mountain last winter along with friend Dillon who told us he'd so far met 3,000 Zuccaro gruppo familiare members. Of the five we had heard were coming, four were at the trail head (only 0.1333% of the 3,000). But wait! There's more! Daughter Jen was able to join us (raising the total to 0.1667%) after flying up the front trail just in time to meet family at the summit.

Conversations begun on the climb accelerated on the flat summit during lunch ("make it up on the flats, Linda" can have many meanings) and picked up speed as we began our descent on the wide, gradual Big Hollow Road.

It was a banner day for reminiscing about past events on this route: Katie's first hike with the Crooked Canes, Peter coined the phrase "Make it up on the flats, Linda" and Linda lost her sole (or was it soul??) here.

All too soon, after enjoying the woods, views of Big Hollow Brook and one another's companionship on the way down, we were at the bottom, figuring out who'd ride back to the Rec Area to get cars and retrieve companions. Cane #22, Mike, made a cameo appearance at the Big Hollow trail head, meeting us as we prepared to move the "second wave" out. It was good to see Mike, even if briefly and was a very nice conclusion to an excellent day.

12/1/17 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

13 photos

I promised that magic would happen on this outing! Here we all are, plump from our Thanksgiving gluttony ... Kurt didn't even fit in the picture!

... and here we are after the hike, once again in shape, skinny and svelte!

Last minute prep - added by Wanderer

West Brook below the cascades - added by Wanderer

Kurt in the lead along West Brook - added by Wanderer

One of the many cascades along West Brook - the season's first icicles being formed - added by Wanderer

Taking a breather and enjoying some sun along the rock cut just below the summit - added by Wanderer

View of Lake George, Million Dollar Beach, French Mountain (horizon) and Rattlesnake Cobble (center foreground - recently visited by the Canes) - added by Wanderer

More of Lake George and the mountains along its east side - added by Wanderer

Bundled up and mostly out of the wind - added by Wanderer

OK - everyone dig in - it's Halloween on November 24th! - added by Wanderer

Headed to the cars along Big Hollow - added by Wanderer

End of a great hike - thanks Kurt! - added by Wanderer

What a nice day with Katie, Bob, Jonathan, Margie, Peter, Dillon, Judy, Lenore, Jack, Amy, Diane, Barb, Linda, Rich, Barb, Claire (stranger?), Lynn, Gail and Kirk.  Kurt, Jen and Mike were around as well but didn't make either picture.  We'll get them next time!

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