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Schumann Preserve ~ Sep 27, 2018

Journal entry by Don McMahon

A good day and a closer-to-home, easier event - six attendees - Nancy, Linda P, Dorie, Scott, Bonnie and Don. The several old trails have been completely eliminated and replaced by a new, easy-to-follow new trail that makes many south to north traverses and has a lot of new stone steps over the lower part of the trail. The trail starts at the same place and ends just north of the Gazebo, on one of the old trails. You can often see where the old trails diverged, but now covered by many laid down branches. The hike between the Gazebo and the waterfalls is unchanged. There was a moderate flow of water over the falls and we had lunch, as usual, at the brook below the falls. A very comfortable day for hiking.

9/28/18 - Bonnie Whitmam added 7 photos.

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Our group after enjoying the new trail... - added by Bonnie

Great lunch spot - added by Bonnie

Don trying to hide - added by Bonnie

Scott making his way down from falls - added by Bonnie

Back to the gazebo - added by Bonnie

Getting warmer - added by Bonnie

Interesting root system - added by Bonnie

At the top - added by Scott

From the gazebo, Lake George and Crane Mtn in the far background. - added by Scott

Always interesting things to see... - added by Scott

in this instance, little red mushrooms... - added by Scott

Orange coral mushroom - added by Scott

Back at the gazebo with the lower summit of Pilot Knob in the background - added by Scott

The Mohican slowly cruising placid waters - added by Scott

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