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A-Team Skidmore North Woods ~ Dec 13, 2018

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Why did 16 Crooked Canes want to walk in Skidmore North Woods on this cold and snow sprinkled day? Some wanted a warm bathroom, some had never been there, some will walk anywhere, and all wanted the treat of a Skidmore lunch! When we came to a large, cyndrical ruin Suzi explained it was the cistern for an old hotel. Unfortunately, Tom couldn't remember staying there!!! We walked the crunchy, frostheaved trail trying to imagine spring flowers trailing down the rocky hillsides. The stream crossing was a little icy, but Donna showed how not to do it. The small wetlands were frozen but the still air was refreshing, not too cold. After two and a half miles and 352 feet elevation gain we headed for lunch, and what a delight it was. For about $10.50 we chose from a buffet, pizza to short ribs, salads to muffins, ice cream and chocolate candy. We Canes stood out, not because of our gray hair and wrinkles but because we were wandering around in a daze trying to decide what to choose next while grinning from ear to ear. Satiated, we headed back to the cars and the rest of our day. Thank you to Barbara, Bonnie, Donna, Suzi, JoEllen, Sharon, Shelly, Lynn, Tom, Don, Bob, Denis, Jim and Jan for joining us on our adventure.

12/13/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 1 photo.

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Time to chat

Stream crossing successful. Donna is dry and upright!

An easier stream crossing

Rare "pipe snake" surrounded by hungry Canes at the Skidmore water tower.

Lunch at trail's end. The missing Canes are wandering around looking to fill their plates again.

Not Cook Mountain, but very good cooking.

Smiling Jim, the expert forager

We are being watched. - added by Bonnie

Indoor winter lunches are a great favorite with the Canes.

If anyone wants a quick history of Skidmore Woods please visit: , then scroll to "Ten things you probably didn't know about the Northwoods".  Therein is the information about Glenn Mitchell Hotel and interesting photos.  Suzi Usher

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