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Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail Bike ~ Sep 5, 2019

Journal entry by Wanderer

This was a new bike ride for the Canes and was suggested by Claudia - unfortunately, she was unable to attend because she was wandering about out west – perhaps she will join us next time. We don’t schedule outings in the “southern zone” too often in order to avoid the traffic on the Northway and surrounding roads in the morning and afternoon. We do make an exception if we can fit the outing between the two rush hours and this certainly fit the bill since the ride was only 18 miles - except for the bumper to bumper traffic some of us experienced at exit 10 and south due to an accident just before the Twin Bridges – that’s a back-up for sure! A minor inconvenience for us – I just hope no one got hurt in the accident.

Despite the 20 minute delay, those that met at the exit 8 Park and Ride made it to the Rail Trail’s parking lot on S. Pearl Street close to the scheduled time where we were greeted by more Canes and ezRiders, all anxious to get underway. As always, there were the quick starters and then there were the rest of us and it wasn’t too long before we were spread out on the bike path, with instructions to regroup at Stewart’s for a bathroom stop, about 3 miles from the start.

I had not been on the bike path before this ride, not even for a scout, so it was all new to me. It is completely paved from S. Pearl Street to the Village of Voorheesville – a total of 9 miles. Our route, starting on the eastern end, had us biking slightly uphill for nearly the total distance – it was very gradual and you hardly noticed except when you stopped pedaling and you lost forward motion. Along the way we joined joggers, walkers, and other bikers as we passed through a variety of areas, from industrial/commercial, many types of woodland, to the backyards of residential communities of Delmar and Slingerlands before reaching our goal of the Village of Voorheesville. Here there is a very nice park with a pavilion designed to replicate the shape of the former railroad station with benches and a porta-potty. Entertainment was provided by some of the Canes playing in the wooden train or watching and listening to the two freight trains that passed by while we were there – very long I might add. Joanne added to the entertainment with her stories of her dilemma with her bike earlier that morning and the loss of one of her favorite biking gloves at Stewart’s – you’ll have to ask her to tell you the stories.

The return ride went by fast, enjoying the slight downhill on the way back to Albany - as after most of our outings, we managed to stop for treats at a Stewart’s – this one in Delmar.

Claudia – this was a wonderful suggestion and we hope to schedule it again in the future – thank you.

9/6/19 - Kathy Ceceri added 4 photos. 9/7/19 - Eric Potter added 2 photos.

9/9/19 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

9/10/19 - Ken Gericke added 1 photo.

24 photos

You have been warned!

Pat and her Bianchi - added by Kathy

Art on the Trail - added by Kathy

Lunch at the pavillion - added by Kathy

Kathy in her celeste green ensemble. - added by Kathy

Claire did some early chalking! - added by Eric

Our route to Voorheesville and back. 18.4 miles on my GPS. - added by Eric

Informational signs were located at all parking lots. I realize that the words on these pictures are too small to read – if you are interested in learning more about the Rail Trail please click on the links in the Final Thoughts section of the journal entry. - added by Wanderer

No this is not some prehistoric bird but a sun worshipping Cormorant – apparently their plumage is not water-repellent and they must dry their wings prior to their next dive (please correct me if I am wrong). - added by Wanderer

Cascades on the Normanskill – alongside the trail but difficult to see in their entirety - added by Wanderer

More cascades in the Normanskill Gorge - added by Wanderer

View along the bike path – some Canes up ahead - added by Wanderer

Close-up of some of the artwork along our route - Artist John DeMarco created the beautiful murals decorating eight piers along the trail as it passes beneath the Slingerlands overpass. - added by Wanderer

More artwork – this is one of three sides of a structure hiding a dumpster - added by Wanderer

You choose –with or without the bee! The flower is a yellow jewelweed (touch-me-not) and this bee must have visited 20 blossoms while I watched - thank you Margie for the ID - added by Wanderer

The Canes have arrived at the Voorheesville Pavilion – some by bike, some by this train! L to R – Terry, Jim, Kay, Steve, Kathy (on) & Licia (in) the caboose - added by Wanderer

This location was also the site of a former hotel - added by Wanderer

Some of the group at lunch – (counterclockwise bottom left) – Mary Beth, Pat, Joanne, Ken, Linda, Claire, JP …. - added by Wanderer

…. a few more – Licia (L) talking with Kay with a few others wandering about …. - added by Wanderer

… and one more table (L to R) – Gail, Shelly, Barbara - added by Wanderer

There is still a train that passes through the area – this one was incredibly long! - added by Wanderer

Looks like it is time to depart …. - added by Wanderer

…. and of course a stop at the Stewart’s in Delmar for treats. Kirk was unable to join us for the ride but stopped by to visit - added by Wanderer

Voorheesville Express Engineer Jim - added by Ken

Participants: Eric, Lenore & Jack, Joanne, Jim, Bob, Barbara, Terry, Fran, Claire, Licia & Steve, Nancy C, Ken, Kay and Mike, Kathy T, Pat D, Annie, Kathy C (newcomer), Cathy C, Gail, Lucy, Shelly, Mary Beth & JP (newcomers), Linda & Peter

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