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Hike to the North Side of Spier Falls Dam ~ Apr 18, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

We assembled about 20 cars at McDonald's at Exit 17, much to the dismay of McDonald's. So we were harangued without mercy until Tom led most people to the local park-and-ride. With a few minutes delay, we were on our way to the "trailhead" (not really a trail). You had to have faith - the weatherman said no rain - which was true. But the sun was scarce to non-existent. We parked at the end of Hawk Rd and got underway about 22 strong. A half mile later we came upon Linda and Karen who had parked at the "correct" spot. After another half mile of walking with view to the west at spots, we split up into two groups, the hardy ones who were willing to walk down to the point of the Hudson and back, (adding another mile), and a few individual who wished for a more easy walk. Most of us saw the Hudson, returned to the junction and continued on to the dam where we arrived at high noon. But the consensus was to delay lunch and continue onto to the top of the cliffs with the overview looking east across the Hudson River. Arriving there 45 minutes later after a bushwhack scrabble up the hill next to the cliffs, we caught up with the "easy" group. After a leasurely lunch, we walked on the undulating access road under the power lines, and caught an access road back to the highway close to where the cars were located. Reliable sources pointed out flowers here and there and interesting plants along the way.

4/20/13 - Ken Gericke added 7 photos.

7 photos

Nature's combover! - added by Ken

Photo added by Ken

Stone wall along the trail. - added by Ken

At our lunch stop Denis takes the pause that refreshes. - added by Ken

Lovely ground cover with curly fries, pick-up sticks and little red British Soldier moss. - added by Ken

More British Soldier moss...a delicate garden on a blowdown log. - added by Ken

Rattlesnake Plantain w/hiking pole for scale. A splash of green....Lenore and Claire stayed back and lovingly built a fort of twigs and sticks around these little guys to protect them from being trampled on our return. - added by Ken

Viewing 17 of 57 - 2013


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