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Buck Mountain ~ Apr 29, 2014

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Buck Mountain called and six Canes answered. Prepared for clouds and sprinkles, we were delighted by sun and clear views of Crane, Gore, Marcy and a variety of other High Peaks as we ate our lunch, protected from the breeze by the bald summit. To the right of Gore a large mountain had its head in the clouds. We surmised it was Blue, but where are our experts when we need them? Countless stream and downed tree crossings dotted our hike, with occasional icy patches and mud wallows to add interest. Wild flowers were not blooming yet, EXCEPT on the drive out the road was lined with yellow coltsfoot. Jack and Lenore were happy that Kendra, Don, Sam and Tom Denny joined them on the hike and at Stewarts.

6 photos

Crossing the glacier

Relaxing in the sun by an ice flow

Carefully descending, watching for mud

Stream crossing

Under the arched tree

Four fungus

Viewing 18 of 58 - 2014


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